Monday, December 31, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Geocaching we will go!

Uploaded 10 waypoints to my GPS~ all within a 2 mile radius! Whoo hoo!
Hopefully the weather will hold out for us today!

New Year's Plans?? We're heading over to Tara and Danny's, where I'm convinced we'll convert them into letterboxer/geocachers with little effort!!

Happy New Year's to you!! Everyone be safe out there tonight!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Got a New Toy!!!

Garmin eTrex Legend GPS system!! Whoo hoo!
Sadly Garmin doesn't work well with Mac. Stupid fools! However, after many many hours of screwing around and googling, I found a way to load geocaches from onto my Garmin. There are at least 5 caches within a half mile from our house. And our local park, just a couple miles down the road... 12!!!
I can't wait to go out for them!!

On the Letterboxing note.....
We were quite successful in Spring Hill. Found a total of ten boxes!! One of them had a hitchiker and one was a bonus box with 2 stamps! Great day!! When we got to one of the parks and found our first box, the log was stamped from someone else for today! We looked all over, hoping to run into them, but never saw them. When I went onto atlasquest to log our finds, I noticed those same people also went to our first stop. It's a shame we didn't catch each other and do an exchange.

Secret of the Stole

is FINAllY off the needles!
can't block until ant goes back home and i can use his bed.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Have you noticed......

more blog posts~ holy cow!
I'm trying to make a more conscious effort to blog more! No need to write a novel of a post trying to catch up on everything if I wold just blog more to begin with! So there you have it.

Spring Hill, here we come

Found a park in Spring Hill with 9, yeah, you got it, 9 letter boxes!!
Also, along the way is another stop that is the second of a set of 3 stamps~ Gator's Nest #2. We'll be picking that up as well, since we got #1 the other day. Ant's super stoked!

When we have a little extra spending money, we're going to look at GPS's to get started in geocaching. Even more fun!! I was on for giggles and found a TON in our area!

Roxy Update

All is well and happy now that our baby is back home again!!

Even better was the fact that the vet's bill was a good $100 less than originally quoted! Whoo hoo! That celebration was short lived though. When I was sitting with her this afternoon, I happened to notice a dark bump in her fur under her collar. Ruh-roh! We have our first tick folks. Not okay! I guess that's what happens when you bring your dog traipsing through the woods for three days in search of letterboxes! We went out immediately to purchase some Frontline for her. And a nifty tick remover~ not that we needed it after that. I used my nails and with a great deal of effort yanked that mother out! It disgusted me beyond belief!!

Because of the surgery, Roxy won't be able to take any extended walks for awhile. No letterboxing for her :o(

Friday, December 28, 2007

Poor Roxy

Merry Christmas to her, she got a trip to the vet today to be fixed. They also found that they needed to fix an umbilical hernia she had when she was born. Thankfully that bill is covered by the puppy place where we purchased her. She also needed a second follow up shot to a shot she received a month ago. In the end, its a $430 present! We pick her up tomorrow. I'm sure she'll be fine, but she won't be the same for awhile.

Ant told Randy tonight that he doesn't like Roxy being gone.

Frogs and Hitchhikers, oh my!

I haven't been able to post about my knitting because, well, I haven't been knitting!

I have, however, been a letterboxing maniac!!! Randy and I went out on Wednesday and hit up two parks. One we had been to previously, but Randy hadn't made a stamp at that point and neither of us had journals. Lucky for him, I bought him a stamp carving kit from for Christmas and a nice leather journal!

We went back and got the first two stamps then found a third in the same park. We left there and headed a couple miles up the road to the next park. These two boxes proved to be a little more difficult. We were off in the woods looking for an uprooted tree, but ended up in a broken tree by accident. We searched for a good ten minutes before I said lets move on. We were supposed to be around pine trees, of which I saw none! Sure enough, a couple minutes down the trail were pine trees and the uprooted tree we were searching for!! There was a second box that went with this one. It led us up a hill through this teeny tiny path. It was difficult because it was walled by bushes and roots were protruding from every which way! when we got to the top of the hill, we found ourselves at the top of a cliff overlooking the trees and in the distance was a big lake. It was GORGEOUS!!!! Not only that, but we found our first hitchiker there! All the way from New Hampshire!!

After that we headed to a park clear on the other side of town. We were looking for the statue of the man for whom the park is named. We walked, and walked, and walked and couldn't find it anywhere! We were at it for well over an hour and walked every inch of the park. Finally we had to leave because it was just too dark. We were both perturbed and Randy really didn't want to quit. So, we drove around the outer perimeter of the park, along the main highways, and lo and behold, there was the elusive statue. Needless to say we made it a point to go back the next day. When we did finally find the box, which was cleverly hidden inside a locked wooden box, nailed to a tree and labled "Entomology Study", we were surprised to find a trio of frogs hopping around with the goodies!

Since we were driving out to Bartow to pick up Ant, I found three boxes that were in the area for us to search. We found the first park with no problem, but unfortunately it was a total bust. We were in the exact spot for the clue, there really was no mistaking it. We dug around, we searched under and inside wooden poles, I even climbed to the bottom of a creek that was below the bridge we were at~ NOTHING! We had a woman and her daughter curiously approach us to find out what we were looking for. When we explained the whole letterboxing concept, she was quite interested. Too bad she didn't get to witness a find~ i did feel like we were under pressure with her watching.

We left park number one, feeling jipped. We found the second location quite easily~ too easy really, no challenge. We drove around in circles looking for the trail with the third box. We asked Ant's grandmother to point us in the right direction. Apparently we just needed to head further north of where we were. Ant was quite excited about the idea of finding these boxes. We finally arrived at the trail, hiked about a half mile and into the tree we went. What sucked was discovering that the shrubbery surrounding this tree was filled with sandspurs!! We were all covered. And poor, poor Roxy!!! We've taken her with us the past few days. This time she was an absolute mess! All those sandspurs stuck in her long hair and in between the pads of her paws. It was a disaster!!!

Ant had a blast so we attempted one more find at a rest stop off the interstate just a bit farther north than where we live. Unfortunately the picnic area that we needed to get into was closed at dusk. We must have just missed it since the sun was just starting to go down when we got there.

Today we took Anthony out, again. Randy carved him his own ant stamp and we picked up a small notebook last night. We headed out to Tarpon Springs for a blue diamond box. We were in the exact place that we needed to be. Dug through all sorts of plants in front of an abandoned church right out at the intersection of two fairly busy streets. We were concerned someone would yell at us, especially since a realtor was showing a house just a couple doors down. We never got in trouble, but we never found the box either. We were there for like half an hour.

From there we headed to a nearby park where there was definitely one stamp, and a questionable second box. The questionable box had been reported missing but the owner seemed to think people were in the wrong place. We were definitely in the right place and it was indeed missing! The other box we found no problem.

We rounded out the afternoon in a hoity toity residential part of town where there were three more boxes. Two of the stamps were lame cheesy leaves, with a 50cent price tag still on the back. They weren't very well hidden either. The third was a much better stamp and a slightly more difficult hike (though calling it a hike would be exaggerating). Ant's gotten quite into the letter boxing experience! We're going out again this weekend! Can't wait!!!

Belated Christmas Update

As usual, I've been a very bad blogger!!

I had to work like a mad woman on speed, but my procrastinating slackass self managed to get all of my handmade Christmas items completed on time!! Of course, I failed to take pictures though~ DOH!

I made Dammit Dolls for my friends and family but reworked the poem to fit their personalities. I made Teacher Dammit Dolls for coworkers, Bucs Dammit Dolls for the guys, and a very special Fishing Dammit Doll for Randy. They were a huge hit!

I also made magnets from flat clear magnets for an elite group of friends. Christmas themed for a couple friends, cutesy pink ones for Tara, flowers for mom and vintage pinup girls for Yoly.

I was also working on jewelry from polyshrink, but only managed to get one solitary butterfly necklace made for Tara. I attempted a pin for my mom. I was to say "CRAFTY" and then dangling from that were going to be a hot glue gun, needle&thread, and scissors. This went horribly wrong the first time. It didn't shrink nearly enough and then ended up all wavy. I ran out of time before I could try again. Oh, well. Maybe mother's day.

Christmas treated me well! I was quite excited to get what I was hoping for~ a jewelry armoire. Woo hoo! My mom made took the cake by making me cry with one of her gifts. She had saved them for last and made one for both my brother and me. They were "create-your-own" calendars, but she had already done all the creating for us! Each month she scrapbooked using photos from our childhood that fit with that particular month. It was the best gift ev-ar!

So, yeah, Christmas was quite nice. Now we face the dreaded clean up! I'll be happy when dh finally gets all his stuff put away. At least 98% of mine is where it belongs. Clutter makes me crazy!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Species Identified

Thanks to Chelsea the Yarn Geek directing me to , I now know that the spider that hopped on me during our walk was a Golden Silk Orb Weaver.

It's not so harmful.....Good to know.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Found 2!!

Letterboxes that is! We went for a quick hike through Lettuce Lake Park and found two letterboxes. They're actually a pair that go together. We had to rush because the park was closing in less than an hour, but we found them and made it back to the car in like 30 minutes. I did have a run in with a critter. I was putting one of the boxes back and felt something on my face. I brushed it off and saw what fell~ this bohemith monstrosity! It really freaked me out; and bugs don't normally get to me! I've never seen a spider like this before!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I think we are going to take up a new hobby, thanks to the latest LnV podcast. Randy got so into the idea of letterboxing that I think we may even go out today!! We went onto and found a TON of letterboxes in our area. We're so stoaked! What a great way to get out of the house and get some exercise~ with Roxy too! We can even take Anthony along, he'd get a kick out of a "treasure" hunt! I ordered a stamp carving kit for Randy for Christmas. Don't think it will get here in time, but you never know.

Oh, yes! Another compulsive hobby to take up more of my little time!
Can't Wait!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

cookies are done

Our craft group is having our second annual cookie exchange tomorrow night. I couldn't decide on just one recipe, so I made two. They're super delicious, I have to admit. The recipes were found on Kraft foods web site and were really easy to make!

3 dozen Citrus White Chocolate Macaroons~ mmmmmm.....

4 dozen Chew Chocolate Chunk~ chocolatey goodness!

then there's beef stew in the crock pot. nothing fancy, just a bag of Marie Callendars from the frozen foods aisle

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Cliche' Family Photo

Of course, it's the holiday, and I just had to! It took sev-er-al shots! sadly, i own no tripod. and roxy was just a little rambunctious!

i have been a busy bee!

i've been so busy at work, and then coming home to work on Christmas crafts that i'm hardly ever on the computer anymore. that really makes me a bad blogger. i can't really mention what i've been working on as my best friend, tara, might be lurking my blog. she tries really hard to get me to slip on hints, but i'm solid like a rock! here are some photos of my last dye batch. i need to order new yarn blanks, i'm totally out! but since it's also Christmas time, i don't have much money to spare.

and hmmm..... what could this be??? i'm not tellin'!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Simpsons~

I sure do love The Simpsons! I don't care for Family Guy, but gimme the Simpsons anytime. So I'm watching one of the reruns they play nightly and it happens to be one I haven't seen. Homer can't sleep and starts taking "Nappien" which has crazy side effects. He starts doing things in his sleep that he can't recall the next day. I am cracking up inside because this is SOOO true of Ambien!

I went through a terrible insomnia spell for about 2 years. It was absolutely awful! I tried it all: exerise, hot tea, warm milk, calcium&magnesium supplements, melatonin, kava kava, relaxation exercises, Tylenol PM. I finally resorted to seeing the doctor.

The first pill she put me on was Lunesta. It worked, but had the unfortunate effect of leaving an absolutely horrible taste in my mouth. The entire next day it was as though I had beens sucking on a penny. No matter what I ate or drank, it wouldn't go away. After that, we tried Ambien. It worked like a charm. However, there would be many days where my husband would ask me, "Do you remember doing/saying.... last night?" I carried on full conversations, ground my teeth to the point where it'd wake up my husband, and perform such acts as will not be repeated in public. And I seriously HAD NO CLUE!!!!

Crazy. Needless to say, I stopped taking the Ambien. Luckily that was the only rx that I had such a reaction. Happily, I've been insomnia free for about 5 months now. I hope I'm not jinxing myself!

Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm a Considerate Inventor...

that sounds about right. I found stumbled on this test on Miss Violet's blog. interesting

Black Friday~

I wish I had my camera handy last night. We had a delicious dinner at my family's house and were sufficiently stuffed and exhaustedly watching tv at our own house by 6pm. Both my husband and Roxy were passed out on the floor all stretched out in strange angles. Randy even had one of our blankets pulled over his head. It was really quite a sight. Thankfully he moved up to the extra room to sleep around 8pm. He needed all the rest he could manage since he gets up to brave the shopping today!

And it paid off! I had my eye on my own 18v Black n' Decker drill and also a sewing machine that Kmart had on sale for $65. I know, it's Kmart and it's cheap, but I'm not exactly experienced when it comes to using a sewing machine. A few years back my mom bought me a Sewing Genie (yup, as seen on TV). And I managed to sew two Spiderman pillows for Ant. But, damn did it suck!!! It kept kicking back on me and eating my fabric. It was an absolute nightmare!! Mom keeps telling me it'd probably be great to use on paper for scrapbooking and cards and the such. Anyway. I figure this will be a good way to get my toes wet. I've seen tons of Amy Butler patterns that I just love.

Randy also found a few gifts we were looking for Ant~ the Robodino (i'm sure it has an actual name, but I can't remember). The Hornet which is a remote control futuristic looking hornet that really flies, a gaming chair, and also some old school anniversary edition GI Joes.

Right now he's picking up out Christmas tree which has been stored in my parents' attic. I'm quite excited about it because its new! We bought it after Christmas last year when they were nice and CHEAP! Yeah, folks, we have a fake tree. I know, I know, spare me the lecture. I grew up with artificial trees and find them quite conveniently hassle free! Don't know if we'll get to decorating it today though, seeing as how the Halloween decor is still in a pile waiting to be re-boxed and stored!

Well, enough for now! I've gotta get some caffeine~ my head is starting to ache!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Act Like a Tomato... Catchup!

I know, I'm not keeping my blog very well updated. I must say, there really hasn't been a whole lot going on. We are adjusting to life with Roxy, she seems to have cauaght on to going potty outside and hasn't had any accidents since her first weekend home. I've learned to ignore her for a few minutes when I come home so that she doesn't excitedly leak on the carpet :o) Things are pretty good, I must say. She is still trying to pull ahead on her leash, and doesn't play nicely with small dogs, but we're working on that and start puppy classes Monday night.

On the knitting front.
I'm still working on both Secret of the Stole and Mystic Waters. I'm on clue 6 of S.S. I started to fall behind when my new yarn~ Lisa Souza lace weight in Sea Glas~ for Mystic Waters arrived. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this yarn!! I'm not very far in M.W, either maybe (probably not quite) halfway through clue 2.

The lone Jaywalker sock is hibernating in my knitting bag on the floor in a corner. Pathetic, I know.

On top of my slacker progress, I'm suffering from starteritis and really want to cast on something new, in a heavier weight than lace. I think I've just been around too much fine yarn. I ordered Wool of the Andes bulky to make the Santa Cruz pullover from Knit 2 Together. It's the only sweater Randy has ever been excited about and asked me to make, and the deciding factor in buying the book.

I have 4 skeins of Malabrigo worsted in Little Lovely that was going to be a Clapotis, but I'm now considering using it for Wicked. I think it may be just a little too thick for a Clap. However, I'm not touching it because I need to remember that I have yarn on the way for Randy's sweater. And, let's face it people, in Florida, if you blink long enough, you miss sweater-weather!

I dyed up the last 4 skeins of yarn yesterday, one of which will be going to my Hand Dyed Swap partner. I couldn't get the yardage right on these. I keep notes on Stickes (the program, no the paper) on my computer. I had a note that read, "4 oz= 462yards). I wound off said yardage weighed it and it was 4.1 oz. I went down a few yards and ended up at 4.25 yards! The remaining 2 were also 4.25 and 4.15 yds. I know the scale is accurate because I had also used it to weigh out dyes. I then ended up with a very teeny skein of maybe 100 ft. What the heck am I supposed to do with that???


here's to gorging ourselves on turkey, potatoes and PIE, PIE, PIE! Hope you enjoy your turkey day with your family and loved ones. I know I have a lot to be grateful for! How about you?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Our Baby!

Meet Roxy!
my hubby finally caved this Saturday and agreed to let us get a puppy! we drove around ALL day to virtually every puppy store in a 15 mile radius, even to the huge pet adoption going coincidentally going on at the fair grounds that same day. we finally found our baby at the end of the day (back at a store we had already been to earlier!).

Roxy, f.k.a. Speckles (i wasn't too keen on the name),a cocker spaniel, was the oldest puppy there, born 6/25 so she was marked down rather low. she is too stinkin' adorable and super, super sweet! she had her first vet visit Tuesday where we learned she has giardia (a common intestinal parasite) which is causing her to have mushy poo. so she's on meds for that. we're crating her at night and while we're at work and she's doing very well! she's only had a few accidents in the house (like 3 since last Saturday) so potty training is going well, too!

Randy had originally said that this puppy is all mine and Ant's (well, mostly mine since Ant's only here on the weekends). however, i'm considering that a big, fat lie! he's been all over our puppy! he takes her out and plays with her all the time! it's too funny!

We're all very happy, and for now, my longing for a baby can be put on the back burner :o)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

bad blogger

i know, i've been distant lately. i've been so swamped with work and such that i haven't blogged in eons. there really hasn't been much to blog about.

randy was almost gator bait~ we took the kayaks out on the river sunday. lots of gators were out. randy was foolishly getting close to one on a log for a photo, when an unseen gator got spooked and jumped in the water thrashing his tail. it scared the bejeezus out of both of us. but it was quite funny.

secret of the stole~ is moving along quite smoothly! i'm 8 rows away from completing clue 4. sadly, i only have photos from clue 1. i know, i suck! i'm loving the copper beads on my Basil green Zephyr yarn.

mystic waters shawl~ frogged! i was halfway through chart b. love the pattern, love the yarn, don't love the pattern in the yarn. i ordered SanFransisco from i think it was a bit on the dark side (muah hahahaha) for the pattern. all the details were lost. so i'm waiting on a freshly dyed skein of Lisa Souza lace weight in Sea Glass

work~ SUCKS! but at least Tara comes back on Monday. and baby Elena~ ADORABLE!

i'm trying to get up some more yarn on my etsy shop. i have 3 more skeins that have been dyed for some time that need to be uploaded.

i'll have to post some photos of things. i've been such a slacker


our house is very much resembling a scene from Hitchcock's The Birds. Suddenly hundreds of mockingbirds have swarmed the trees in our back and front yards creating quite a loud commotion. and when i say suddenly, i truly do mean out of no where. it's quite creepy and very noisy. i don't think i've seen anything like this. and acorns are falling into our front door.

oh, wait.....

oooh, this might be even creepier. they've all hushed. all at once.

strange, very, very strange

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

way stressed, people, watch out! someone might just get hurt!

just saying.....

Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Photo Post

Last weekend, prior to visiting Tara, Danny & Elena in the hospital, I was busy dyeing up yarn. I needed to get a Halloween skein made for the Halloween Sock swap. I managed to get one more done that day before calling it quits. Two other skeins are in the oven right now. Today I have the fingers to prove I've been hard at work!

Ghastly Ghoul


Oops! I guess there was a stinkin' hole !!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


yay! tara had baby elena tonight! 7lbs 1oz, 21". i don't have any real pictures yet since i haven't been to the hospital to see her. baby was finally born at 8:48pm and they began inducing her at 7:30am, so i'm sure she's EXHAUSTED!

and, just in time, i finished the baby blanket i've been working on. completed photos to come

I'm so excited for you! You'll make a beautiful family!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Here are photos of stuffs.... ant in his new, $5, jack skellington shirt, which goes great with his finally finished socks! yup, that's the yarn he dyed~ perhaps he should go in business with me!
also, a photo of my newly dyed red hair. i tend to do this when the seasons change. its pretty deep. i was planning on going with something a little more brown, but i just can't help going with those crazy hair colors that tap into the old punk rock girl inside

Friday, September 14, 2007

on the needles/bobbins and more

off the needles!!!! mystery stole 3 knit w/ Jaggerspun Zephyr

still on the needles... Tara's baby blanket

on the Lendrum.... Morning Glories BFL by Funky Carolina for the Sweet Sheep Club

on the Babe... Artichoke Superfine Merino by Pigeon Roof Studios

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Few Quick Updates......

First~ on the needles......
Still working on MS 3, though I'm SOOOO close to the end. Just another 30 rows or so. I've also still got Ant's socks and Tara's baby blanket on the needles. All mostly completed, but none yet finished. I've come to discover that I'm not so good at multi-project knitting. I do better when I've only got one or two things going.

On the wheel.....
gorgeous BFL in Morning Glories dyed by Funky Carolina for the Sweet Sheet Fiber Club. Between that and the new wheel, spinning is oh-so-addictive! i'm luvin' the Lendrum. Its spins like buttah!

Girly news.....
Went to my doc for my annual. She's referring me out to a reproductive endocrinologist to see what's going on. My spotting is either because I just can't get a period, or my body is trying to have a period, but the Clomid has thinned the uterine lining and all I'm getting is spotting now. I have my appointment scheduled for Thursday, however Humana sucks and I need a referral. I called my primary care early Friday morning and left a message on their referral line, and called again several hours later. The recording says that they'd return calls by the end of the business day~ I however received no such call. I will try again tomorrow, where I won't be quite as pleasant that no one called me back! Hopefully all will be taken care of before Thursday.

Work news...
Tara's doc told her she's lost too much weight and is to stressed to continue working. So, she's done a week earlier than she had planned. Her sub isn't so bad, but boy can she talk! I know it's only for 6-8 weeks, but I miss her terribly! It's just not the same without her.
And while I like the kids in my class this year, they're really sweet and kind... boy do they run their mouths nonstop! I've never had a class talk as much as they do!!! I'm really at my wits end. I've got to figure something out!!

Alrighty... off to knit some more!

Hopefully pics soon. My batteries are charging

Friday, August 31, 2007


saw the Incubus show last night and it was awesome~ as always!

surprisingly, i found out that i made the cut for merit pay and got a nice little bonus! most of it is going toward working off my credit card debt....... however, i did manage to spare a bit to buy a new WHEEL!!!!!! *****Squeeeeee***** i ordered a Lendrum folding wheel (complete), single treadle! i'm so excited!!!

i'm super tired now and need to go to bed!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My New Baby!

Yup! that would be a Venus 11! And it's mine, all mine! and the best part~ it's PINK!!!!! A portion of the proceeds go toward breast cancer. I can't wait to get this girl on the water!!! Randy also picked up a kayak for himself, but I can't remember what kind. They were an absolute steal. Both kayaks are barely used (they were used for demos and magazine shoots) and together cost $660!!! You read that right $660 TOTAL for BOTH!!!! I'm sooo stoked. It's a shame Randy won't be home until late (the woman selling lives 2 hours away), otherwise I'd tell him lets hit the beach!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend from HELL!

Ugh! It so totally sucked!

Saturday~ got up at 7am, despite trying my hardest to sleep in. Randy and Ant went fishing at the butt crack of dawn and
left me home to, ideally, get some rest. However, come 7, my mind was racing with all the things I had to get done so I just had to get out of bed. I started my laundry at 8:30 am and afterwards took a shower and got organized to mail out my yarn to Angela for the Hand Dyed Yarn Swap and also the book that Sam mailed back to me by mistake. I had also planned on going to Ross or Target to look for some new clothes for work. I figured I'd do this before heading to my SIL's work to get my nails done.

Randy and Ant came home as I was getting ready and decided to come with me. We went to the post office first where I mailed said packages. When we got back to the car, I noticed that the woman charged me for one too many bubbled mailers. Back in I went. We went to Target, with no major issues, and I left with four really cute outfits. No biggie. Got to SIL's work, was waxed and got my nails done, however she had no time to do my toes which look a little stained from having polish on them for so long before. We hit the shoe store on the way back in the elusive search for Sz 2 black low top converse for Ant. We finally found them and they were 1/2 off since I too bought some shoes. Lunch at Boston Market and then to the hair cutter's for Ant's back to school cut.

Let the fun begin!
We get back to the car to find it DEAD! completely out of the blue! Called AAA for a jump, but I accidentally told them Tampa, when really we were in Lutz. That set them about an hour behind and I had to call again with the correct address. We were sweating our butts off in the car in the swelter humid summer heat that we Floridians just LOVE. We got a jump, drove the 3 miles to the house and the car died AGAIN! ARGGGGG. I was not going to deal with calling AAA again. It would have to wait until morning.

We decided to still go to Stitch n' Pitch (in Randy's car sans air conditioning). Of course, since the windows were down, it had to pour! When we finally got to St. Pete, traffic was absolutely horrible. We drove around the city in circles because their designated parking lots were all full. The traffic cops were useless to say the least. We finally found parking in a business center, walk to the Dome looking for will call. We walked quite a ways to find the window only to be told that we had to go to a different gate. Got to said gate, gave the woman my id and she tells me there are no tickets!! We went back and forth for 10 minutes, me telling her where we're supposed to sit, her referencing my credit card, until finally she finds them. More walking to the appropriate entry gate. When all was said and done we probably walked more than 3/4 the way around the dome. Once we were there it wasn't bad. We had a good time and Ant got to show off his hand dyed yarn. We didn't stay too long though because he was super sleepy.

That brings us to today. Get up, call AAA to tow my car to an auto shop. The guy gets here and says lets try jumping it so you can just get the battery tested. Jumped it did and started working. I get in, worried, called randy "it's not going to just die on me, is it???" "No, it shouldn't". WRONG! We didn't make it out of the complex when it started to stutter. I called him and said I had to turn around and go back. Glad I did because as soon as we got to the house, it died entirely. Called AAA again and they sent the same man. GOOD! I hope he learned his lesson! He wouldn't have had to come back if he just towed it the first time!! Randy followed him to the shop. Turns out some people didn't show up and they only have 1 mechanic today. Won't get to my car until tomorrow.

We're not sure what it is. But, several times we heard the mechanism for the tailgate door click-click-clicking as though it were trying to unlock. And this is, like, nonstop. So whatever little motor that is back there, could be what's draining my battery. then again, what do i know?!?

Ant's sock

Ant's sock
Originally uploaded by firedupfairy
This is sock #1 with Ant's own dyed yarn. He is soooo excited about it. I had him try it on Friday night and he didn't want to take it off... he told me "i'll take it off sooner or later" well, it was definitely later. Last night he put it back on and even slept with it!!! I better get crackin' on sock #2 so he can wear them both. He's just too cute!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

where's the knitting????

on hiatus it seems. i've been sooooo busy getting my classroom unpacked, organized and prepared that i haven't gotten around to ANY of my knitting for days!! our school is in the process of remodeling and the construction is everywhere. our end of the school is being worked on now (and we're the last of it) so we've been booted out to portable trailers. since we **should** be moving back in the building by December, we have to really consider what's being unpacked and what's staying in boxes. Friday night is open house, so we have to be ready to roll by then. and the first day of school is monday. this is the first time, EVER, that we've started on a monday. usually it's like a wed. or thursday. it's crazy having to do REAL lesson plans for the first week of school!

on that note, i'm off to get more work done. hopefully i can pick up the needles later.... that is if i don't pass out on the computer

Thursday, August 9, 2007


alas, summer is officially over
tomorrow we have to return to school (and really,, what's the point of going on friday??) . it's been under construction for remodeling, so my end of the school has been booted out of the building into portables. no one's even been allowed in the school yet because of all the work being done. who knows what we'll be in for tomorrow. i'm absolutely dreading the unpacking and re-settling. especially since we're going to have to do it again in December when we move back into the building.

and don't get me started on the kids coming in to fifth grade this year. those fourth grade teachers bitched and complained from day one last year. i'm SOOOO not looking forward to this year.

if only there was a way that i could afford to retire and sit at home and knit and dye all day long. yup, that sure would be nice!

speaking of which. i dyed up 4 more skeins yesterday. one of which will be sent to my Hand Dyed Sock Yarn Swap partner. the others will be going up on my etsy site. hopefully by the end of the weekend. there was no chance to photo them today because it's been cloudy. and well, tomorrow i go back to work and then saturday is tara's baby shower..... sooooo, hopefully sunday.

and then there's the baby blanket of doom. i modified the Deluxe Baby Blanket from Knitting for Baby. i made it longer and nixed the cashmere and opted for acrylic (yeah, cashmere for babies???). well, 300+ stitches and size 5 needles= drawn out torture! and i also have the socks for anthony and MS 3 on the needles. both of which have taken a back seat to the damn blanket. i feel incredibly guilty any time i work on anything that's not for the shower saturday. she will be getting Grow With ME (from and this will go in the gift bag on the needles, with the ball of yarn still attached.

and with that... i'm off to slave away.

Monday, August 6, 2007

hand dyed sock yarn swap

hand dyed sock yarn swap
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I got my yarn today from Just Keep Knitting. And I must say, I gasped when I opened the package! The colors are just gorgeous! She did an awesome job! She also threw in a big pack of Gummy Peach Rings and Swedish Fish (i LOVE gummy candy!)

I still have to dye my yarn and mail it out. I'm thinking the dyeing will commence on Wednesday.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Grow With Me

is done. well, it's been done... i just had to seam it and sew the straps
now, i'm hoping my best friend doesn't actually read my blog. i'm pretty sure she doesn't do blogs, so i should be safe.

New Hand Painted Yarn

On My Etsy Shop! Check 'em out!!


MINE! to pretty to sell!

Next Generation!

Ant told me he wants me to knit him some socks. Since I had a small skein of undyed yarn left over, i asked if he wanted me to dye the yarn. I let him pick out the colors, which were indeed crazy (teal, purple, yellow, black, brown) and he dyed it up the way he wanted. Now i'm off to cast on some basic socks for him. He's so excited!

Monday, July 23, 2007

i'm done!

reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. and O-H-M-Y-G-O-D! wonderful! lots of crying. and now, it's all over. i can't believe it.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

i think i'm dying

seriously, i've had the worst pains coming from my stomach all day. it started low, like girly low. but has since spread to encompass my whole inner torso region. no way is this gas. not that you want to know that, TMI. sorry.

Harry Potter

out of Borders with two copies and in the car by 12:10am! yup, you can only beat that by 9 minutes, which in my book kicks some serious ass! i've been up all night, maybe sleeping and hour and a half here and there. i'm only taking a brief intermission to get food and coffee in my belly as it's feeling a bit queasy from lack of sleep. small price to pay

Friday, July 20, 2007

what's the point?

of going to the gym, if you're just going to come home and have pizza and beer for lunch?
went to borders to stand in line at 8:45am so i could get my wristband for Deathly Hollows tonight. i got an orange band which means i get to be in the first group to line up (starting at 11:30). this is the first time i've gotten any of the HP books at midnight, i usually go early the next morning. i also plan on ingesting lots of yummy coffee drinks so i can stay up and read it!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

oh, and

i also forgot to mention that i finished plying my Pink Lady singles last night. its soaking/hanging now.

and looks like no photos today. a) it's raining b) reskeining is a bitch

i've been busy!!

i'll have to do some serious picture taking today, because i have photos of NOTHING!

first, i finished Grow With Me!!! well, it's mostly finished. i just have to sew it together and sew in the straps. quick and easy sewing, its just a matter of actually doing it. the smocking and knitting are all done though and that's the important thing!

i've been a dyeing fool lately! i dyed up six skeins of sock yarn and will be putting them up on my Etsy shop soon. i'm a little disappointed because i technically should have gotten 4 4oz skeins out of a pound of yarn~ RIGHT???? well, from both "pounds" if blanks, i got 3 full skeins and then a partial skein. i didn't have my scale when my base yarn first arrived, so i'm not sure how much was actually on the Kona cone. but i did weigh my BFL, and it was not a full 16oz. so no wonder i didn't get fourth skein out of that. what can i do?

anyway, enough about that.

i joined another swap! whoo hoo!! i stumbled upon The Hand Dyed Yarn Swap while searching for groups on ravelry. i got in, which kind of surprised me since they were originally going to open it up to 25 people, and it was pretty close to that when i sent my email. i'm excited, but that will also mean ordering new yarn blanks (hmmmmm)

photos later, hopefully!

Monday, July 16, 2007

mom's socks are done!

whisper lace socks (pattern on ravelry)
cherry tree hill sock yarn, potluck water
knitpicks sz 1 dpn's

whisper lace socks whisper lace socks whisper lace socks


what are the chances that, on the afternoon of your 1 yr wedding anniversary, you run into your wedding photographers while having lunch at Crispers?? yup, they plopped down next to us and started chatting it up. not only did we run into them at lunch, but saw them again at the movie theater about a half an hour later. and then, what are the chances that the movie you watch on your anniversary centers around a hotel named the Dolphin, which just so happens to be the name of the resort where you were married just one year ago?????

so, i ask you, coincidence???? hmmmmmmmmm

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary...

to US! YAY!! one year ago today, randy and i took the plunge. i can't believe how quickly time has passed. we're keeping it simple tonight with dinner and a delicious meal at Mitchells which is fine seafood~ YUM! our orlando trip to see Blue Man Group as well as Universal/Islands of Adventure was our anniversary gift to each other.

to celebrate, i figured i'd post some of our wedding photos

Thursday, July 12, 2007

need a little color??

how about this?

or this?
color me crazycolor me crazy II

tooth fairy!!!

came last night! ant finally lost his first tooth. we were eating out when he managed to get it seriously loose while eating grilled cheese. then we came home and while watching a movie he jumped and yelled, "ah! my tooth!" he's so proud of himself!!

a much more flattering photo of the tooth tooth number one!