Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Photo Post

Last weekend, prior to visiting Tara, Danny & Elena in the hospital, I was busy dyeing up yarn. I needed to get a Halloween skein made for the Halloween Sock swap. I managed to get one more done that day before calling it quits. Two other skeins are in the oven right now. Today I have the fingers to prove I've been hard at work!

Ghastly Ghoul


Oops! I guess there was a stinkin' hole !!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


yay! tara had baby elena tonight! 7lbs 1oz, 21". i don't have any real pictures yet since i haven't been to the hospital to see her. baby was finally born at 8:48pm and they began inducing her at 7:30am, so i'm sure she's EXHAUSTED!

and, just in time, i finished the baby blanket i've been working on. completed photos to come

I'm so excited for you! You'll make a beautiful family!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Here are photos of stuffs.... ant in his new, $5, jack skellington shirt, which goes great with his finally finished socks! yup, that's the yarn he dyed~ perhaps he should go in business with me!
also, a photo of my newly dyed red hair. i tend to do this when the seasons change. its pretty deep. i was planning on going with something a little more brown, but i just can't help going with those crazy hair colors that tap into the old punk rock girl inside

Friday, September 14, 2007

on the needles/bobbins and more

off the needles!!!! mystery stole 3 knit w/ Jaggerspun Zephyr

still on the needles... Tara's baby blanket

on the Lendrum.... Morning Glories BFL by Funky Carolina for the Sweet Sheep Club

on the Babe... Artichoke Superfine Merino by Pigeon Roof Studios

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Few Quick Updates......

First~ on the needles......
Still working on MS 3, though I'm SOOOO close to the end. Just another 30 rows or so. I've also still got Ant's socks and Tara's baby blanket on the needles. All mostly completed, but none yet finished. I've come to discover that I'm not so good at multi-project knitting. I do better when I've only got one or two things going.

On the wheel.....
gorgeous BFL in Morning Glories dyed by Funky Carolina for the Sweet Sheet Fiber Club. Between that and the new wheel, spinning is oh-so-addictive! i'm luvin' the Lendrum. Its spins like buttah!

Girly news.....
Went to my doc for my annual. She's referring me out to a reproductive endocrinologist to see what's going on. My spotting is either because I just can't get a period, or my body is trying to have a period, but the Clomid has thinned the uterine lining and all I'm getting is spotting now. I have my appointment scheduled for Thursday, however Humana sucks and I need a referral. I called my primary care early Friday morning and left a message on their referral line, and called again several hours later. The recording says that they'd return calls by the end of the business day~ I however received no such call. I will try again tomorrow, where I won't be quite as pleasant that no one called me back! Hopefully all will be taken care of before Thursday.

Work news...
Tara's doc told her she's lost too much weight and is to stressed to continue working. So, she's done a week earlier than she had planned. Her sub isn't so bad, but boy can she talk! I know it's only for 6-8 weeks, but I miss her terribly! It's just not the same without her.
And while I like the kids in my class this year, they're really sweet and kind... boy do they run their mouths nonstop! I've never had a class talk as much as they do!!! I'm really at my wits end. I've got to figure something out!!

Alrighty... off to knit some more!

Hopefully pics soon. My batteries are charging