Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pardon My French

House hunting fucking sucks!!!
The house that both our realtor and the seller's realtor were sure we had is now out the freakin' window!! This is the 4th house that has been swiped away! We got a call today that apparently there's a new law that prevents an FHA house from being listed for 90 days and then it has to be owned by a national bank. The house has to go off market for 90 days. They aren't even allowed to hold our offer for that time! In the meantime, they're going to repaint and recarpet.. so you know when the 90 days is up that the price will also go up. We can afford it now, but not if it goes any higher. Our realtor looked up the title and apparently there are 3 different names on it, which in itself is sketchy. We were soooo in love with this house! Even my parents drove out to see it and were excited for us. I simply can't believe this is happening! For it to be a "buyer's market" we sure aren't experiencing any luck.

Simply stated...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Almost Home

We put an offer on a house we found on Friday. 4br/2ba/2car garage just shy of 1700 sqft. Randy loved it so much, he told the realtor we wanted to put an offer right there, without even talking to me first. He said he knew he was home as soon as we turned down the street, and even more so when we pulled into the driveway. Anthony also loves it. I asked him if he had his room picked out and he told me yeah... as he started walking to the master bedroom! HA think again!

We drove back to the realtor's office that afternoon and made up our contract for the offer. We had to wait because of the holiday weekend, but heard back before 10am this morning. They pretty much accepted our offer, but in order for them to pay for the down payment, they upped the price. In the end, with all they're contributing, it still brings it back down to the asking price. We revamped the contract and mailed it back this afternoon. The realtor said they'll probably come back with another offer on the mortgage, trying to beat Regions deal. We'd love for them to at least come at us with a lower interest rate. Whatever saves us money~ we don't care!

So, tomorrow we should get our final word! Keep your fingers crossed. We'd be closing at the end of June :o) I'm soooo excited!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A lil' update

Still no house yet. We removed our offer on the one house. Our realtor is convinced that the seller won't be approved for his short sale because you have to prove that you have absolutely no assets whatsoever, but he owns 3 other houses! Plus, someone else had put in an offer higher than ours. We don't think anyone will end up with the house since it most likely won't be approved.

Then, we found another house that we loved! It was farther away, but it was almost 1900 sqft. in a great neighborhood! It was on a cul-de-sac surrounded by larger houses all that were very nicely landscaped. It needed some work (floors, paints, kitchen counters), but would totally be worth it in the end! We were all set to make an offer on Monday when we found out from our realtor that someone had put one in on Friday and was approved.

So, that makes 3 houses that were swiped from us. Who says the market sucks?? Apparently some people out there have money they want to spend!

On the knitting front, I finished my toe-up Anastasia socks with Yarn Pirate's Ice Princess. I just got my last shipment of yarn pirate booty. I was feeling guilty spending the money when we're trying to get a house. So, I'm taking a break. But, this last shipment, Patina, is GORGEOUS!!! I've already cast-on a pair of Monkey socks with it! And I'm still slaving away on the Bee Fields shawl. That one is a slow work in progress.

So, that's the update! Hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial weekend!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Here it is~ Mystic Lights! Knit with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Flames. It's still blocking in the photo, but at least you get the big picture :o)
Now, I've resurrected the Bee Fields shawl that I started e-o-n-s ago!

Picking UP

I finally finished my Mystic Lights shawl. It's upstairs blocking as I type. Unfortunately, I think my yarn, while it does very much resemble fire, is too busy for the pattern. I kept on trucking anyway. I'll try to get photos up soon. Now that that's off the needles, I can finish my second Anastasia sock (my first pair of toe-ups!) and also the topsecretproject of which I cannot disclose until mid-May.

We put in an offer on a house that we LOVE! The sucky part is that it's a short sale, which happens prior to the house going into foreclosure. The seller has a lawyer to help expedite the process, which could normally take more than a month!! Apparently this guy got greedy and bought up a bunch of properties. He has two mortgages on this house and obviously got in over his head. So ultimately it's not up to him to take the offer, but those banks he owes. Our realtor put in the contract that we'd like to hear back by May 2, TODAY, but that would be unlikely. So, she also put in a 20 day period. She called the other day to let us know she hadn't heard anything yet that if she didn't get any calls she would call the other realtor today to find out what's going on. Keep Your Fingers Crossed!!!