Friday, August 31, 2007


saw the Incubus show last night and it was awesome~ as always!

surprisingly, i found out that i made the cut for merit pay and got a nice little bonus! most of it is going toward working off my credit card debt....... however, i did manage to spare a bit to buy a new WHEEL!!!!!! *****Squeeeeee***** i ordered a Lendrum folding wheel (complete), single treadle! i'm so excited!!!

i'm super tired now and need to go to bed!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My New Baby!

Yup! that would be a Venus 11! And it's mine, all mine! and the best part~ it's PINK!!!!! A portion of the proceeds go toward breast cancer. I can't wait to get this girl on the water!!! Randy also picked up a kayak for himself, but I can't remember what kind. They were an absolute steal. Both kayaks are barely used (they were used for demos and magazine shoots) and together cost $660!!! You read that right $660 TOTAL for BOTH!!!! I'm sooo stoked. It's a shame Randy won't be home until late (the woman selling lives 2 hours away), otherwise I'd tell him lets hit the beach!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend from HELL!

Ugh! It so totally sucked!

Saturday~ got up at 7am, despite trying my hardest to sleep in. Randy and Ant went fishing at the butt crack of dawn and
left me home to, ideally, get some rest. However, come 7, my mind was racing with all the things I had to get done so I just had to get out of bed. I started my laundry at 8:30 am and afterwards took a shower and got organized to mail out my yarn to Angela for the Hand Dyed Yarn Swap and also the book that Sam mailed back to me by mistake. I had also planned on going to Ross or Target to look for some new clothes for work. I figured I'd do this before heading to my SIL's work to get my nails done.

Randy and Ant came home as I was getting ready and decided to come with me. We went to the post office first where I mailed said packages. When we got back to the car, I noticed that the woman charged me for one too many bubbled mailers. Back in I went. We went to Target, with no major issues, and I left with four really cute outfits. No biggie. Got to SIL's work, was waxed and got my nails done, however she had no time to do my toes which look a little stained from having polish on them for so long before. We hit the shoe store on the way back in the elusive search for Sz 2 black low top converse for Ant. We finally found them and they were 1/2 off since I too bought some shoes. Lunch at Boston Market and then to the hair cutter's for Ant's back to school cut.

Let the fun begin!
We get back to the car to find it DEAD! completely out of the blue! Called AAA for a jump, but I accidentally told them Tampa, when really we were in Lutz. That set them about an hour behind and I had to call again with the correct address. We were sweating our butts off in the car in the swelter humid summer heat that we Floridians just LOVE. We got a jump, drove the 3 miles to the house and the car died AGAIN! ARGGGGG. I was not going to deal with calling AAA again. It would have to wait until morning.

We decided to still go to Stitch n' Pitch (in Randy's car sans air conditioning). Of course, since the windows were down, it had to pour! When we finally got to St. Pete, traffic was absolutely horrible. We drove around the city in circles because their designated parking lots were all full. The traffic cops were useless to say the least. We finally found parking in a business center, walk to the Dome looking for will call. We walked quite a ways to find the window only to be told that we had to go to a different gate. Got to said gate, gave the woman my id and she tells me there are no tickets!! We went back and forth for 10 minutes, me telling her where we're supposed to sit, her referencing my credit card, until finally she finds them. More walking to the appropriate entry gate. When all was said and done we probably walked more than 3/4 the way around the dome. Once we were there it wasn't bad. We had a good time and Ant got to show off his hand dyed yarn. We didn't stay too long though because he was super sleepy.

That brings us to today. Get up, call AAA to tow my car to an auto shop. The guy gets here and says lets try jumping it so you can just get the battery tested. Jumped it did and started working. I get in, worried, called randy "it's not going to just die on me, is it???" "No, it shouldn't". WRONG! We didn't make it out of the complex when it started to stutter. I called him and said I had to turn around and go back. Glad I did because as soon as we got to the house, it died entirely. Called AAA again and they sent the same man. GOOD! I hope he learned his lesson! He wouldn't have had to come back if he just towed it the first time!! Randy followed him to the shop. Turns out some people didn't show up and they only have 1 mechanic today. Won't get to my car until tomorrow.

We're not sure what it is. But, several times we heard the mechanism for the tailgate door click-click-clicking as though it were trying to unlock. And this is, like, nonstop. So whatever little motor that is back there, could be what's draining my battery. then again, what do i know?!?

Ant's sock

Ant's sock
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This is sock #1 with Ant's own dyed yarn. He is soooo excited about it. I had him try it on Friday night and he didn't want to take it off... he told me "i'll take it off sooner or later" well, it was definitely later. Last night he put it back on and even slept with it!!! I better get crackin' on sock #2 so he can wear them both. He's just too cute!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

where's the knitting????

on hiatus it seems. i've been sooooo busy getting my classroom unpacked, organized and prepared that i haven't gotten around to ANY of my knitting for days!! our school is in the process of remodeling and the construction is everywhere. our end of the school is being worked on now (and we're the last of it) so we've been booted out to portable trailers. since we **should** be moving back in the building by December, we have to really consider what's being unpacked and what's staying in boxes. Friday night is open house, so we have to be ready to roll by then. and the first day of school is monday. this is the first time, EVER, that we've started on a monday. usually it's like a wed. or thursday. it's crazy having to do REAL lesson plans for the first week of school!

on that note, i'm off to get more work done. hopefully i can pick up the needles later.... that is if i don't pass out on the computer

Thursday, August 9, 2007


alas, summer is officially over
tomorrow we have to return to school (and really,, what's the point of going on friday??) . it's been under construction for remodeling, so my end of the school has been booted out of the building into portables. no one's even been allowed in the school yet because of all the work being done. who knows what we'll be in for tomorrow. i'm absolutely dreading the unpacking and re-settling. especially since we're going to have to do it again in December when we move back into the building.

and don't get me started on the kids coming in to fifth grade this year. those fourth grade teachers bitched and complained from day one last year. i'm SOOOO not looking forward to this year.

if only there was a way that i could afford to retire and sit at home and knit and dye all day long. yup, that sure would be nice!

speaking of which. i dyed up 4 more skeins yesterday. one of which will be sent to my Hand Dyed Sock Yarn Swap partner. the others will be going up on my etsy site. hopefully by the end of the weekend. there was no chance to photo them today because it's been cloudy. and well, tomorrow i go back to work and then saturday is tara's baby shower..... sooooo, hopefully sunday.

and then there's the baby blanket of doom. i modified the Deluxe Baby Blanket from Knitting for Baby. i made it longer and nixed the cashmere and opted for acrylic (yeah, cashmere for babies???). well, 300+ stitches and size 5 needles= drawn out torture! and i also have the socks for anthony and MS 3 on the needles. both of which have taken a back seat to the damn blanket. i feel incredibly guilty any time i work on anything that's not for the shower saturday. she will be getting Grow With ME (from and this will go in the gift bag on the needles, with the ball of yarn still attached.

and with that... i'm off to slave away.

Monday, August 6, 2007

hand dyed sock yarn swap

hand dyed sock yarn swap
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I got my yarn today from Just Keep Knitting. And I must say, I gasped when I opened the package! The colors are just gorgeous! She did an awesome job! She also threw in a big pack of Gummy Peach Rings and Swedish Fish (i LOVE gummy candy!)

I still have to dye my yarn and mail it out. I'm thinking the dyeing will commence on Wednesday.