Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday Fun

We took Ant to Fossil Feat Tampa Bay yesterday. I thought it'd be a stretch, but possibly something he'd enjoy. Whew, did we underestimate him!! He spent so much time looking at all the different fossils, rocks and minerals. His favorite was the kids dig, a large sandbox filled with all types of fossils. The best part was that there was a table with paleontologists sitting there to identify the children's fossils for them. The man that Ant was sitting with seemed rather impressed w/ some of his finds. Ant managed to dig up a piece of ivory mammoth tusk, a leg bone from a giant giraffe, as well as an unusually large stingray barb. There were also tons of turtle shell pieces and rib bones from dugong (a relative of the manatee).

We came home to throw the football around the yard. I must say that playing quarterback the whole time has given me quite a sore shoulder this morning! And of course, since I'm out in the yard, and I'm anal like this, I had to pull up weeds wherever I found them. Look at these feet, people!! The sad thing is that this is with socks and sneakers!

I just finished the Rag Bath Mat last night. This photo is prior to casting off and adding fringe, but at least you get the point.

I've also still got Crown Mountain Fiber, I've Got You Babe, on the bobbin. I need to at least finish 4oz so that I can free up the wheel for the CJ Kopek roving that's coming for the March spin-a-long.

Here's the startings of my second Nanner sock. It's coming slowly since I have so much on the needles. I'm also still working on Mystic Ice. At this point, I'm halfway through clue 5. Only one more clue after that. At this rate, it will be done at summer time~ DOH!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bad Blogger!

No cookie for me!! I said I was going to be more diligent w/ my blog, but alas, I've resorted to my old ways again! If I would post more regularly, my posts wouldn't be sooooo long! Duh!

Acupuncture has been going well. I'm rounding out my first month of treatment including both acupuncture and herbs. I don't expect to be preggers this first month. But, I can tell you that I am feeling great! I've had much more energy and I think I've been more happy and peaceful. Yippee! And while the herbs aren't delicious, the more I drink them, the more I learn to ignore the "bleh". In fact, I'm drinking my Yang herbs now!

In family news, Anthony just competed in his county's Prince & Princess pageant. Each 2nd grade class in the county votes on one boy and girl to represent their class in the competition. They get dressed to the nine's in tuxes and ballgowns, come out waving, bowing/curtsying, and then answer an interview question. Our lil' man was so handsome!

Yesterday, we hit the spring sale at Lowe's garden department. We purchased a flat of impatiens to plant around one of our oak trees in the back yard. If those work out, we'll be going back for more. We also planted pink and white kamachoes in the front yard. Citrus trees were on sale and I just HAD to have some! We picked up a Meyer lemon, Key lime, and tangelo trees. They smell sooooo sweet!

I have been knitting and spinning quite a bit, but not enough to get anything done! I've had quite the urge to be working on all of those things. The problem is I can only do one thing at a time! If only I had octopus arms! It would make things so much easier! What have I been working on??

Mystic Ice~ this is not an updated picture. This was somewhere in clue 4, I'm now on Clue 5!

Drop Stitch Scarf~ knit w/ vintage Lime n' Violet, from their etsy shop

Not pictured... Rag Bath Mat. I'm knitting this out of cheap twin sheets I bought at WallyWorld.
Also, my 2nd Nanner Sock. I started those EONS ago. Finished sock #1 a couple weeks ago after deciding I needed something new to work on. Now #2 sits neglected somewhere.