Monday, February 26, 2007

Crappity Crap

I feel like crap! After a few weeks of being untouchable~ i've finally caught the ick that seems to be invading town. My biggest fear is that I may just have strep throat~ as usual! Not good since we just started the first of 2 weeks of state testing. ARGHH!!!

on a happier note, i dropped off my rings for new rhodium plating and we went for Thai food for dinner~ mmmmmm thai!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Swirly Girl Socks!

They are done! I finished the second sock today after starting Thursday night!! Really not bad timing for me! I'm excited. Here's presenting my Swirly Girl Socks made with Tofutsies yarn in Off on the Right Foot. The pictures without the flash show better detail than those with the flash. It's actually a mock cable pattern. Really quick and really easy! FUN FUN!

lazy sunday

didn't get to sleep as early as i wanted last night, so i'm tired today.
did manage to get my laundry done already, but what i really should be doing is working on my sock. instead i'm putzing around on the computer. i'm trying to sign up for SP 10, but don't know if i'll get in since i don't have 10 blog posts yet. we'll see **crosses fingers**

Saturday, February 24, 2007

One Down

I finished one of my Tofutsies socks on Thursday and cast on for the second one that night. As of now, I've already got the heel turned and started on the foot. I'm hoping to knock it out in the next couple days. Hopefully tomorrow if I'm lucky.

We took Anthony to the zoo today. We used to have a pass, but haven't been in over a year. They remodeled some of the areas it looks really cool now. We got to see some really pretty birds in the Asian section and also the new baby elephant in "South Africa". Good times.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

YAY!!! New Yarn

so, today, my dear hubby offered once again to take me to a real yarn store~ as opposed to JoAnns. since we were dropping off anthony w/ randy's sister for the night, we have today all to ourselves! we drove to the other side of town so i could show him Knit n' Knibble. i oogled over lots of yarn and randy picked up many weird funky colors of stuff. in fact we found bamboo yarn that i loved fom SWTC, and he picked it in some crazy verigated greens and asked me to find something to make w/ it. i'll have to find a pattern first before i go buying the stuff. anyway, i did walk out with new yarn~ sock yarn! since i bought the Tofustie (off on the right foot) last week and started knitting a sock w/ that~ i realize that it's moving faster than i expected!! and using real sock yarn makes all the difference (as opposed to the lionbrand microfiber i made my first sock on). so today, i bought a ball of Austerman Step w/ Aloe & Jojoba!! and also a really great hank of Lornas Lace in Jungle Twist! YAYAYAYA

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Williamsburg, VA here we come!!!!

Tara and I applied for a trip to Colonial Williamsburg through the county's social studies department. It's supposed to be based on the number of points you earned from trainings and of course the app. Tara and I only attended one training, so I didn't think we had a snowball's chance in hell of getting in. Tara being the go-getter that she is, applied right away. Me, being the slack-ass I am, didn't do a thing. Tara later got an email from the head of the dept. who hinted that she should be planning her vacation, and also asked why I hadn't applied. So, of course, I filled out and faxed my application the day it was due~ lets go, procrastinator!!

Today in the middle of my science lesson, I see an unusal group walking toward our quad~ consisting of our A.P, a secretary, and a lady (who i first thought of as a Pilgrim). I was quite confused and was trying to figure out how this related to Valentines day. Then it dawned on me~ that's no Pilgrim! That's Andria (s.s.dept. head) dressed as a colonist!!! HOO-FREAKIN-RAY!!!!! I started screaming and jumping up and down, Tara saw and started doing the same thing! We totally disrupted our entire wing of the school~ but who freakin' cares~ it's v-day and we're going to VA!!!!!!! It was sooo exciting! She gave us letters that looked like aged paper sealed in wax. We were congratulated by everyone, and it was really quite fun!!! We have an initial meeting at the end of march at the Museum of Art, and then I believe the trip is scheduled for the end of June~ All expense paid, week long trip. Tara and I are gonna have a freakin' blast!!! We are 2 of only 20 other teachers in the county~ to us, it really is a big deal. We will of course be the LIFE OF THE PARTY!!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i'm gonna be a cheeseball here.....

because i absolutely love my hubby!!
we don't celebrate valentines on valentins, never have. we exchanged gifts saturday w/ anthony. i was lucky to get the beautiful alexandrite and diamond heart pendant that i had admired awhile back. then this morning, as i was leaving for work, there sat a card for me (after we had discussed that neither of us had/were buying cards). it was incredibly sweet and all about the little, everyday things that make us happy (not so valentiney focused). yay, what a great way to start my day! but wait, it gets better! in the middle of my science lesson, another teacher comes walking through my room (an easy thing to do when the school has no walls) with a huge bouquet of flowers!!! the most ginormous red roses and beautimous lilies (my favorites!). i was sooooo surprised~ esp. since i'm always whining about how everyone gets flowers at work and no one has ever sent me flowers~ to which the only response i get is "oh well, that's nice for them". and here i am telling everyone that it was for valentines, but what i didn't put together was that it's NOT for valentines, its even more special because it's the second anniversary of our engagement!!!! which is the ultimate reason we don't celebrate valentines. DUH! i felt like an ass for not catching on!!! anyway, we topped the day with a gorge of sushi and such at Crazy Buffet! how fantabulous!!!! it was quite nice!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Baby Hat to Match Sweater

I knit like the wind yesterday and got the matching hat done. It's made with the reverse of the sweater colors. there are 4 hearts going round~ 2 in the light pink and 2 in the bright pink.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

first official post

alright, i'm moving into blogger world. i've been posting most of my blogs on myspace, but will welcome the switch.

randy and i exchanged valentines gifts today, while we had anthony with us. i bought him a digital camera. he bought me a necklace w/ a heart shaped alexandrite pendant. YAY!!!!! he was even being so nice that he let me drag the two of them to the LYS where i picked up my first real skein of sock yarn~ tofutsies and pattern. i can't wait to start!

in the meantime, i need to get a hat finished for my sister-in-law. i agreed to make a baby set for her to give to her friend. the sweater is done. it was a bitch, with all the stockinette stitch, but it turned out gorgeous!!!!