Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Williamsburg, VA here we come!!!!

Tara and I applied for a trip to Colonial Williamsburg through the county's social studies department. It's supposed to be based on the number of points you earned from trainings and of course the app. Tara and I only attended one training, so I didn't think we had a snowball's chance in hell of getting in. Tara being the go-getter that she is, applied right away. Me, being the slack-ass I am, didn't do a thing. Tara later got an email from the head of the dept. who hinted that she should be planning her vacation, and also asked why I hadn't applied. So, of course, I filled out and faxed my application the day it was due~ lets go, procrastinator!!

Today in the middle of my science lesson, I see an unusal group walking toward our quad~ consisting of our A.P, a secretary, and a lady (who i first thought of as a Pilgrim). I was quite confused and was trying to figure out how this related to Valentines day. Then it dawned on me~ that's no Pilgrim! That's Andria (s.s.dept. head) dressed as a colonist!!! HOO-FREAKIN-RAY!!!!! I started screaming and jumping up and down, Tara saw and started doing the same thing! We totally disrupted our entire wing of the school~ but who freakin' cares~ it's v-day and we're going to VA!!!!!!! It was sooo exciting! She gave us letters that looked like aged paper sealed in wax. We were congratulated by everyone, and it was really quite fun!!! We have an initial meeting at the end of march at the Museum of Art, and then I believe the trip is scheduled for the end of June~ All expense paid, week long trip. Tara and I are gonna have a freakin' blast!!! We are 2 of only 20 other teachers in the county~ to us, it really is a big deal. We will of course be the LIFE OF THE PARTY!!!!!

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