Saturday, February 17, 2007

YAY!!! New Yarn

so, today, my dear hubby offered once again to take me to a real yarn store~ as opposed to JoAnns. since we were dropping off anthony w/ randy's sister for the night, we have today all to ourselves! we drove to the other side of town so i could show him Knit n' Knibble. i oogled over lots of yarn and randy picked up many weird funky colors of stuff. in fact we found bamboo yarn that i loved fom SWTC, and he picked it in some crazy verigated greens and asked me to find something to make w/ it. i'll have to find a pattern first before i go buying the stuff. anyway, i did walk out with new yarn~ sock yarn! since i bought the Tofustie (off on the right foot) last week and started knitting a sock w/ that~ i realize that it's moving faster than i expected!! and using real sock yarn makes all the difference (as opposed to the lionbrand microfiber i made my first sock on). so today, i bought a ball of Austerman Step w/ Aloe & Jojoba!! and also a really great hank of Lornas Lace in Jungle Twist! YAYAYAYA


kayt said...

OMG I love the lorna's Laces!!!!!!! very yummy!

Wierdlings said...

I live in Orlando so I go to Knit and Knibble ever so often. They have a huge selection of Cascade and lots of other colors... though I do find the people in there a bit snobbish if you are not a regular.


Melissa said...

Nice haul!! I am in love with the LL!!