Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i'm gonna be a cheeseball here.....

because i absolutely love my hubby!!
we don't celebrate valentines on valentins, never have. we exchanged gifts saturday w/ anthony. i was lucky to get the beautiful alexandrite and diamond heart pendant that i had admired awhile back. then this morning, as i was leaving for work, there sat a card for me (after we had discussed that neither of us had/were buying cards). it was incredibly sweet and all about the little, everyday things that make us happy (not so valentiney focused). yay, what a great way to start my day! but wait, it gets better! in the middle of my science lesson, another teacher comes walking through my room (an easy thing to do when the school has no walls) with a huge bouquet of flowers!!! the most ginormous red roses and beautimous lilies (my favorites!). i was sooooo surprised~ esp. since i'm always whining about how everyone gets flowers at work and no one has ever sent me flowers~ to which the only response i get is "oh well, that's nice for them". and here i am telling everyone that it was for valentines, but what i didn't put together was that it's NOT for valentines, its even more special because it's the second anniversary of our engagement!!!! which is the ultimate reason we don't celebrate valentines. DUH! i felt like an ass for not catching on!!! anyway, we topped the day with a gorge of sushi and such at Crazy Buffet! how fantabulous!!!! it was quite nice!

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