Thursday, August 9, 2007


alas, summer is officially over
tomorrow we have to return to school (and really,, what's the point of going on friday??) . it's been under construction for remodeling, so my end of the school has been booted out of the building into portables. no one's even been allowed in the school yet because of all the work being done. who knows what we'll be in for tomorrow. i'm absolutely dreading the unpacking and re-settling. especially since we're going to have to do it again in December when we move back into the building.

and don't get me started on the kids coming in to fifth grade this year. those fourth grade teachers bitched and complained from day one last year. i'm SOOOO not looking forward to this year.

if only there was a way that i could afford to retire and sit at home and knit and dye all day long. yup, that sure would be nice!

speaking of which. i dyed up 4 more skeins yesterday. one of which will be sent to my Hand Dyed Sock Yarn Swap partner. the others will be going up on my etsy site. hopefully by the end of the weekend. there was no chance to photo them today because it's been cloudy. and well, tomorrow i go back to work and then saturday is tara's baby shower..... sooooo, hopefully sunday.

and then there's the baby blanket of doom. i modified the Deluxe Baby Blanket from Knitting for Baby. i made it longer and nixed the cashmere and opted for acrylic (yeah, cashmere for babies???). well, 300+ stitches and size 5 needles= drawn out torture! and i also have the socks for anthony and MS 3 on the needles. both of which have taken a back seat to the damn blanket. i feel incredibly guilty any time i work on anything that's not for the shower saturday. she will be getting Grow With ME (from and this will go in the gift bag on the needles, with the ball of yarn still attached.

and with that... i'm off to slave away.

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Scherzando said...

Oh man, you're starting already? Here in Texas they've pushed the start date back and eliminated a bunch of school holidays - presumably to cut down on air-conditioning costs. So the public schools start the same day as a lot of the colleges.