Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pardon My French

House hunting fucking sucks!!!
The house that both our realtor and the seller's realtor were sure we had is now out the freakin' window!! This is the 4th house that has been swiped away! We got a call today that apparently there's a new law that prevents an FHA house from being listed for 90 days and then it has to be owned by a national bank. The house has to go off market for 90 days. They aren't even allowed to hold our offer for that time! In the meantime, they're going to repaint and recarpet.. so you know when the 90 days is up that the price will also go up. We can afford it now, but not if it goes any higher. Our realtor looked up the title and apparently there are 3 different names on it, which in itself is sketchy. We were soooo in love with this house! Even my parents drove out to see it and were excited for us. I simply can't believe this is happening! For it to be a "buyer's market" we sure aren't experiencing any luck.

Simply stated...

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Lotusknits said...

OH, I am so sorry you are having to go through that. I am sending out good house hunting vibes your way.