Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Almost Home

We put an offer on a house we found on Friday. 4br/2ba/2car garage just shy of 1700 sqft. Randy loved it so much, he told the realtor we wanted to put an offer right there, without even talking to me first. He said he knew he was home as soon as we turned down the street, and even more so when we pulled into the driveway. Anthony also loves it. I asked him if he had his room picked out and he told me yeah... as he started walking to the master bedroom! HA think again!

We drove back to the realtor's office that afternoon and made up our contract for the offer. We had to wait because of the holiday weekend, but heard back before 10am this morning. They pretty much accepted our offer, but in order for them to pay for the down payment, they upped the price. In the end, with all they're contributing, it still brings it back down to the asking price. We revamped the contract and mailed it back this afternoon. The realtor said they'll probably come back with another offer on the mortgage, trying to beat Regions deal. We'd love for them to at least come at us with a lower interest rate. Whatever saves us money~ we don't care!

So, tomorrow we should get our final word! Keep your fingers crossed. We'd be closing at the end of June :o) I'm soooo excited!

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