Thursday, October 18, 2007

8 Random Things

Oh yes, tag~ I'm it! Belle7171 got me!

okay, where to begin??

1. For some strange reason, gravity wouldn't allow me to balance on a two wheel bicycle until I was eight years old.

2. I still have an obsession with my pillow and find smelling it the most comforting thing in the world.

3. While in college, I was almost fired from Chili's for having a bad attitude and allegedly throwing knives at people.

4. I can hawk a loogie with the best of 'em and I'm an incessant burper! Lady-like, I know!

5. I got a letter for soccer in high school. It was a pity letter. I did a damn good job sitting the bench for 3 years! Although I did score a whopping 3 goals during that whole career~ one of which was offsides.

6. I am incredibly disgusted by wet paper. ANY kid of wet paper. Gives me the worst heebie-jeebies!

7. I LOVE sticking q-tips in my ears! and it's something I'm compulsive about. Gotta have that tickle!

8. Something else I'm compulsive about??? COUNTING! Yes, I count everything! At work, I count steps from my class to where ever I need to go. When the copier is on, I count the pulsing sounds it makes. Turn signal blinks. You name it. Perhaps that's also why I love knitting.

who to tag? who to tag?
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belle7171 said...

See, I think yours are WAY more interesting than mine. Allegedly throwing knives?? Awesome!

Tola said...

totally agree with #7 and #8. amazing!