Friday, July 20, 2007

went to borders to stand in line at 8:45am so i could get my wristband for Deathly Hollows tonight. i got an orange band which means i get to be in the first group to line up (starting at 11:30). this is the first time i've gotten any of the HP books at midnight, i usually go early the next morning. i also plan on ingesting lots of yummy coffee drinks so i can stay up and read it!


Lyndsey-Jane said...

have fun at the launch. We decided to just order ours from amazon as neither of us drive and it would mean a rather expensive taxi ride to and from the city, or atleast so we thought. we are both officially dumb! We have the largest Tescos in the Uk on our housing estate which is open 24 hours and yes it is selling HP 7 at 00.01. so we could have got a copy much sooner. Sometime you just can't see for looking.

Anonymous said...
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