Saturday, July 7, 2007

Am I Crazy????

we just got back from Orlando yesterday, and I'm catching up on all my message boards/blogs, where i find many posts about Mystery Stole #3. I was not around for #1 or #2, but boy this sounds like fun!! keeping in mind that i have my mom's bday socks to finish by aug. 1, and the two baby shower gifts by aug. 11, and well, i've never done any lace other than that on socks...... but sure~ i can use yet ANOTHER project!?!?!!

so at some point today i'm off to Fiber Arts to use the gift certificate i got for mother's day.

on another note, orlando was awesome! Blue Man Group was amazing! and thanks to dh's rather large ears, he was picked to go up on stage for part of the act :o) hahahahha, they taped elastic string and drum sticks to each ear (there were two other audience members up there too). they'd tug and pull the sticks and make "noises" from the ears. turned it into a whole song. pretty cool.

islands of adventure was fun as always. nothing new there. we also hit universal studios, which was okay, but i don't know about spending the whole day there. the Revenge of the Mummy was freakin' great~ roller coaster in the dark. it was insane!

anyway. i'm off to get some work done.

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