Monday, July 2, 2007

Pink Lady Roving

i bought this merino roving from Pigeon Roof Studios on LOVE her stuff! have two more colors in the bag waiting! look at how different these two bobbins are! the first one is overspun and inconsistent. the second is looking GORGEOUS! i can't help but stop every now and then to admire it. it's only the second batch of roving i've spun and its way improved!!
first bobbin 2nd bobbin


Laura said...

Wow! That looks great. I don't blame you for wanting to stop and admire it. And the colours are lovely too, I've made a mental note to check out the seller.

john said...

ok - so the improvement from the first to the second is amazing. nice.

firedupfairy said...

why thank you!! i almost don't even want to ply it together.

Lotusknits said...

I am very inspired by your spinning. I hope to get a babes spinning wheel this Christmas.

Thank you for your advise about the line counter. I plan to get one in the next few weeks. DH is also going to make a skein winder for me.