Thursday, July 19, 2007

i've been busy!!

i'll have to do some serious picture taking today, because i have photos of NOTHING!

first, i finished Grow With Me!!! well, it's mostly finished. i just have to sew it together and sew in the straps. quick and easy sewing, its just a matter of actually doing it. the smocking and knitting are all done though and that's the important thing!

i've been a dyeing fool lately! i dyed up six skeins of sock yarn and will be putting them up on my Etsy shop soon. i'm a little disappointed because i technically should have gotten 4 4oz skeins out of a pound of yarn~ RIGHT???? well, from both "pounds" if blanks, i got 3 full skeins and then a partial skein. i didn't have my scale when my base yarn first arrived, so i'm not sure how much was actually on the Kona cone. but i did weigh my BFL, and it was not a full 16oz. so no wonder i didn't get fourth skein out of that. what can i do?

anyway, enough about that.

i joined another swap! whoo hoo!! i stumbled upon The Hand Dyed Yarn Swap while searching for groups on ravelry. i got in, which kind of surprised me since they were originally going to open it up to 25 people, and it was pretty close to that when i sent my email. i'm excited, but that will also mean ordering new yarn blanks (hmmmmm)

photos later, hopefully!

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