Friday, December 28, 2007

Belated Christmas Update

As usual, I've been a very bad blogger!!

I had to work like a mad woman on speed, but my procrastinating slackass self managed to get all of my handmade Christmas items completed on time!! Of course, I failed to take pictures though~ DOH!

I made Dammit Dolls for my friends and family but reworked the poem to fit their personalities. I made Teacher Dammit Dolls for coworkers, Bucs Dammit Dolls for the guys, and a very special Fishing Dammit Doll for Randy. They were a huge hit!

I also made magnets from flat clear magnets for an elite group of friends. Christmas themed for a couple friends, cutesy pink ones for Tara, flowers for mom and vintage pinup girls for Yoly.

I was also working on jewelry from polyshrink, but only managed to get one solitary butterfly necklace made for Tara. I attempted a pin for my mom. I was to say "CRAFTY" and then dangling from that were going to be a hot glue gun, needle&thread, and scissors. This went horribly wrong the first time. It didn't shrink nearly enough and then ended up all wavy. I ran out of time before I could try again. Oh, well. Maybe mother's day.

Christmas treated me well! I was quite excited to get what I was hoping for~ a jewelry armoire. Woo hoo! My mom made took the cake by making me cry with one of her gifts. She had saved them for last and made one for both my brother and me. They were "create-your-own" calendars, but she had already done all the creating for us! Each month she scrapbooked using photos from our childhood that fit with that particular month. It was the best gift ev-ar!

So, yeah, Christmas was quite nice. Now we face the dreaded clean up! I'll be happy when dh finally gets all his stuff put away. At least 98% of mine is where it belongs. Clutter makes me crazy!

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Tara said...

That calendar sounds realy cool. I hope I can see it. Also, Danny is SUPER interested i going letterboxing with you guys. He asked "howdoes someone stumble upon something like that." he was very intrigued. I told him it is amazing what you can find once you STEP OUT OF YOUR BOX! Sounds like life is good. See you soon. Love ya girl!