Sunday, December 30, 2007

Got a New Toy!!!

Garmin eTrex Legend GPS system!! Whoo hoo!
Sadly Garmin doesn't work well with Mac. Stupid fools! However, after many many hours of screwing around and googling, I found a way to load geocaches from onto my Garmin. There are at least 5 caches within a half mile from our house. And our local park, just a couple miles down the road... 12!!!
I can't wait to go out for them!!

On the Letterboxing note.....
We were quite successful in Spring Hill. Found a total of ten boxes!! One of them had a hitchiker and one was a bonus box with 2 stamps! Great day!! When we got to one of the parks and found our first box, the log was stamped from someone else for today! We looked all over, hoping to run into them, but never saw them. When I went onto atlasquest to log our finds, I noticed those same people also went to our first stop. It's a shame we didn't catch each other and do an exchange.

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