Saturday, December 29, 2007

Roxy Update

All is well and happy now that our baby is back home again!!

Even better was the fact that the vet's bill was a good $100 less than originally quoted! Whoo hoo! That celebration was short lived though. When I was sitting with her this afternoon, I happened to notice a dark bump in her fur under her collar. Ruh-roh! We have our first tick folks. Not okay! I guess that's what happens when you bring your dog traipsing through the woods for three days in search of letterboxes! We went out immediately to purchase some Frontline for her. And a nifty tick remover~ not that we needed it after that. I used my nails and with a great deal of effort yanked that mother out! It disgusted me beyond belief!!

Because of the surgery, Roxy won't be able to take any extended walks for awhile. No letterboxing for her :o(

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