Saturday, December 8, 2007

i have been a busy bee!

i've been so busy at work, and then coming home to work on Christmas crafts that i'm hardly ever on the computer anymore. that really makes me a bad blogger. i can't really mention what i've been working on as my best friend, tara, might be lurking my blog. she tries really hard to get me to slip on hints, but i'm solid like a rock! here are some photos of my last dye batch. i need to order new yarn blanks, i'm totally out! but since it's also Christmas time, i don't have much money to spare.

and hmmm..... what could this be??? i'm not tellin'!

1 comment:

Tara said...

it's the DAMMIT DOLL. The best gift ever received. If I only knew to check out your site, it probably would have eased my spying. You are solid like a rock, i thought for sure I would crack you a little. But no go!