Thursday, November 1, 2007

bad blogger

i know, i've been distant lately. i've been so swamped with work and such that i haven't blogged in eons. there really hasn't been much to blog about.

randy was almost gator bait~ we took the kayaks out on the river sunday. lots of gators were out. randy was foolishly getting close to one on a log for a photo, when an unseen gator got spooked and jumped in the water thrashing his tail. it scared the bejeezus out of both of us. but it was quite funny.

secret of the stole~ is moving along quite smoothly! i'm 8 rows away from completing clue 4. sadly, i only have photos from clue 1. i know, i suck! i'm loving the copper beads on my Basil green Zephyr yarn.

mystic waters shawl~ frogged! i was halfway through chart b. love the pattern, love the yarn, don't love the pattern in the yarn. i ordered SanFransisco from i think it was a bit on the dark side (muah hahahaha) for the pattern. all the details were lost. so i'm waiting on a freshly dyed skein of Lisa Souza lace weight in Sea Glass

work~ SUCKS! but at least Tara comes back on Monday. and baby Elena~ ADORABLE!

i'm trying to get up some more yarn on my etsy shop. i have 3 more skeins that have been dyed for some time that need to be uploaded.

i'll have to post some photos of things. i've been such a slacker


Lotusknits said...

RIP Mystic Waters Shawl :(
Glad to hear the husband didn't become a gator snack. Once I get some more money in the paypal acount I am totally going to get a skien of your yarn, it is purdy! Great Job!

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