Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday~

I wish I had my camera handy last night. We had a delicious dinner at my family's house and were sufficiently stuffed and exhaustedly watching tv at our own house by 6pm. Both my husband and Roxy were passed out on the floor all stretched out in strange angles. Randy even had one of our blankets pulled over his head. It was really quite a sight. Thankfully he moved up to the extra room to sleep around 8pm. He needed all the rest he could manage since he gets up to brave the shopping today!

And it paid off! I had my eye on my own 18v Black n' Decker drill and also a sewing machine that Kmart had on sale for $65. I know, it's Kmart and it's cheap, but I'm not exactly experienced when it comes to using a sewing machine. A few years back my mom bought me a Sewing Genie (yup, as seen on TV). And I managed to sew two Spiderman pillows for Ant. But, damn did it suck!!! It kept kicking back on me and eating my fabric. It was an absolute nightmare!! Mom keeps telling me it'd probably be great to use on paper for scrapbooking and cards and the such. Anyway. I figure this will be a good way to get my toes wet. I've seen tons of Amy Butler patterns that I just love.

Randy also found a few gifts we were looking for Ant~ the Robodino (i'm sure it has an actual name, but I can't remember). The Hornet which is a remote control futuristic looking hornet that really flies, a gaming chair, and also some old school anniversary edition GI Joes.

Right now he's picking up out Christmas tree which has been stored in my parents' attic. I'm quite excited about it because its new! We bought it after Christmas last year when they were nice and CHEAP! Yeah, folks, we have a fake tree. I know, I know, spare me the lecture. I grew up with artificial trees and find them quite conveniently hassle free! Don't know if we'll get to decorating it today though, seeing as how the Halloween decor is still in a pile waiting to be re-boxed and stored!

Well, enough for now! I've gotta get some caffeine~ my head is starting to ache!

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belle7171 said...

Sounds like you got a good haul! I grew up with a fake tree as well (his name was Fred). For years, my mom was afraid I would think all trees started off with a big stick that you stuck branches in (color coded, no less). I converted my husband about 2 years into our marriage. So, I think I've had a real tree maybe twice.