Saturday, March 24, 2007

what a week

things are all quiet on the front again~ or at least so they seem. i hope i'm not jinxing it!!

i got to drive out to anthony's school yesterday to meet his papa for the Top Cat pep rally. i guess they do it every report card period. a couple kids in each class get picked as the Top Cat. they get a certificate and medal. anthony was SOOOOO cute! he's extremely proud of himself~ as well he should be! he got straight E's on his report card (little guys don't get A,B,C,N,U) and he even went to bed holding his medal :o)

spring break is BAD news for me! all i've done is spend money. while some of it was for my secret pal, not all of it was! i signed up for a Dying to Dye Sock Yarn swap on swapbot, so i ordered some undyed sock yarn from KnitPicks. then there is also the Babe's Fiber Garden Spinning Wheel~ Squeeeeee~ that I won on ebay! I'm soooooooooo excited. and of course if i'm getting a new wheel, that means i need new fiber! so i also ordered some BFL roving from Spunky Eclectic in the Delphinium colorway. is that all.... hmmmmmm... no! i forgot, we also went to the bookstore earlier in the week where i found myself buying Spin to Knit. not to mention coffee drinks while there and dinner the other night.

it's amazing i have any money left~ which really i don't if i plan on getting groceries next week.

today~ we're taking anthony to see the new teenage mutant ninja turtle movie. while i'd rather pass on this, anthony wants me to go, so off i will go......


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Tee hee, nothing is wrong with spending money lol....tee hee

pigbook1 said...

An invitation because I love your blog and I would love to learn more about you:

Write yourself a manifesto. Make it specific (knitting or parenting or music) or general (like mine) So that I can read it.