Thursday, March 8, 2007

bad blogger!

i know, i am. i've been a ginormours slackass. and tonight is no exception.

it's been a long week~ the students have been taking their state test all this week and 3 days last week. needless to say that now they've had enough and are acting like animals! i wrote 3 referrals in the last hour of the day. so to deal with it, i went to payless to buy cute red flipflops for nikki's wedding. in the process i also walked out w/ 2 more pairs of shoes. i then came home to sit on my back porch and knit.

my hubby just came home and informed me my stepson has a girlfriend~ tho' he didn't say anything to his daddy. he told his mommy that a girl at school likes him and draws him pictures. she asked anthony if he liked her and he said, "yeah, i do. but don't tell daddy i have a girlfriend!"

too freakin' cute.

on a completely different note, i desperately want a spinning wheel!!! i think i'll spend money on a cheaper Babes Fiber STarter to get the feel for it. i also ordered a drop spindle kit off ebay and can't wait for it to come in!!!

and now, back to being a slack ass. i'm trying hard to finish my mom's socks, but i'm being very slow for some reason.

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