Friday, March 2, 2007

still sick

hack, hack, hack. and lovely laryngitis (sp?) that makes me sound like a honking goose or is it swans that have that obnoxious honk? anyway, i sound awful. better today than yesterday, but still awful!! and because i've been sick, i haven't made much headway on my monkeysocks. unfortunately cold medicine makes me high as a kite and i get all distracted and can't see straight. the other night i totally forgot to knit the heel flap before going on to all the rows of turning the heel. i finished the turning, looked at it, and said "what the hell? where's my heel flap?!?!"" DOH! anyway, photos of what i have done so far at the end of this post...

i also tried dyeing my hair tonight. i picked up my usual shade of Feria Midnight Ruby but also found a high lift brown looking very goldenly and light!! i loved it and said~ ooooh! that would be pretty. but i guess my hair was too dark/purplish/redish for it to give me that pretty golden color. i just got a faded color of what was already on my head! now it's just a lighter brown w/ light and red shades. I'll have to see how i feel about it tomorrow. i don't think i'll put the Midnight on top of it. just bear with it for a couple weeks and get it done at a salon during spring break. we'll see. i change my mind too much.

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