Sunday, March 4, 2007

lazy sunday

i missed nikki's bachelorette party due to the fact that i'm still sick! :o(
i couldn't justify hanging out in the casino and dance club full of smoke and yelling to talk to my friends when i'm hacking ick and am just starting to get my voice back. while i really, really wish i could have been there, i'd rather get better and be healthy for the wedding next weekend.

i spent today sitting on my ass. fortunately sitting on my ass means i can get some knitting done. i finished the first monkey sock using Austermann Step in Melba. i've decided to make these for my mother. the colors are just screaming my mom's name. i hope they fit. i think they will, they're a little big on me and i'm a 7/7.5 and she's an 8. so i'll be crossing my fingers. time to cast on sock #2!


pigbook1 said...

that yarn is awesome! Thanks for the encouragement

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

That yarn is beautiful! Your sock looks great!