Monday, March 19, 2007

i am turning into an old bag

We have young 22 y/o neighbors living next door. Usually they're pretty cool. Unfortunately they are young and have more partying in their system than I do at this point in time. There are random occasions when they have the music on loud, and even times when they come home at 12:30 drunk and screaming.

Now, however, is the kicker. They have all their friends down from Ohio for spring break. I cannot handle this all week! They have the music on quite loudly all afternoon/night. They're out on the patio living it up and taking all our parking spaces on top of it! Randy and I were briefly outside last night while he was cleaning his fishing reel. One of the boys said something about having company in town for spring break to which I quickly retorted, "Yeah, I figured since there are like 6 out of state cars out front~ OH, OH, OH, GA, TN, OH". I got my dig in, and he got it.

Today I was outside wiping down a tray and they were out again. They had made comments about me being outside. Then the boy from last night said that they're having people park across the street because they realized it was an inconvenience to us. However, they also put speakers out on their patio so he said, "you know, you gotta give a little to get a llittle". ARGGGHHH. I told him we'll see about that! He said it will be a little crazy for the next week because of spring break. I said, yeah, I'm on spring break too. THen he told me I should come over and party with them, to which I explained that I was too old for that.

I really wanted to relax this week, while I'm off. IT's my spring break too and I deserve to sit on my happy ass and enjoy some peace and quiet. I have a feeling that I'll be the old hag complaining about the young kids next door. I hate to be like that, because I was a partier when I was 22, also. But damnit, I am not going to listen to all this noise for a whole week.

GRRRRRRR~ damn kids!


Natasha said...

LMAO I don't know what that makes me then, I am 22 and hate when people have loud parties particualry one of our neighbours who often has people over on a weekday they don't play any music but they sit around talking as loud as a bloody jumbo jet until like 1 in the morning.

Could you get some ear plugs? Or maybe stock up on Lime n Violet casts and listen to them. Or hey, get real revenge, if they stay up real late on night turn on your music at 7am, mow the lawn, do some hammering ect ect.

Good luck

firedupfairy said...

luckily the neigbors on the other side called security the other day. i don't blame them, they have little kids in the house! i'm sure the boys probably think it was me, but they haven't said anything.

thankfully last night was fairly quiet and it looks as if they're all gone today (maybe they won't come home tonight!)

Laura said...

I'm not sure what that makes me either... I'm 22 as well and get grumpy even at the slightest noise. I definitely agree that early morning revenge would have been good.

Followed you link from the L&V message boards and just thought I'd stop by to say "hi!" to one drop spindle beginner from another :)

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

WOW, I don't think I did that when I was 22.....hope they go home soon! LOL