Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Been Awhile

since I've posted. so here we go.

what's new? a whole lot... of N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

work has really been getting to me lately and i feel the need for change coming on. i can't exactly get into details for the various reasons of suckiness (wouldn't want a student to stumble upon my blog) or a co-worker (no, tara, not you~ you know the volumes of suckiness first hand!). so, i'll just leave it at that.

medically~ i'm still dealing with my w/ crap. when i last saw the doctor, and he FINALLY had my previous medical records, he told me that according to the pathology report, while they were working on my ovarian cyst, they removed a piece of my fallopian tube!. um, WHAT?!? this is news to me! i asked if it was intentional or accidental. he couldn't figure it out by the report. YIKES! however, a month prior, i had an HSG done, which showed that the dye moved freely through both tubes, so they're open and normal. Sheesh! can't i catch a break? so now, i'm on double my previous dose of clomid (now 100mg) which is making me CRABBY! i go back next week for a sonogram to see if i have any follicles.

on the knitting front... well, more of nothing. i did finish and block Secret of the Stole. Mystic Waters is still on the needles, still on clue 2~ S.A.D.
Randy's sweater is moving along. i'm on the raglan shaping of the second sleeve, which means i only have the pocket and hoodie left, and then the joy of sewing it together. Yippie!

i'm sensing quite a bit of sarcasm on my side. probably the extra hormones from my meds. oh-di-well

we have been getting a lot of geocaches done. that's been fun. this weekend we hiked probably close to 5 miles (i forgot to reset the trip computer). last week we hiked a total of 8, yup 8!, miles!!! with ant in tow! he was quite the trooper. and to top it off, it rained on us and there were lost areas under soggy muddy flooding. FUN! and this time, i'm not being sarcastic!

well, that about sums it up folks.
g'night :o)

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belle7171 said...

Geez hon! Removed part of your fallopian tube?! Hopefully, now the medical stuff is all sorted out ~ sending good pregnancy vibes your way.