Friday, February 8, 2008


I had just pulled into a parking spot to start the hunt for the first cache of the day when Randy called to see if I had taken my car for an oil change. I had forgotten that I said I'd do that with my free day off~ DAMN! So, feeling guilty, I left the cache spot, with no search, and left for the auto shop. I walked in asking for an oil change and rotate/balance my tires. $40. Of course, things can't be that easy! The guy comes out telling me I need to replace my tires, and my wipers. The price of tires started at $465 and went up from there! Being cheap, I said I'd take those tires and said don't even bother with the wipers. I can get those at Walmart. Then he said, "oh, let me check your brakes". I said "oh, no you don't! I'm not getting any brake work done. Not today!" I understand it's not his fault. But when you walk in thinking you'd be in and out and spend $40 and find it's really going to be an all day affair and costing 10x that~ it makes you ANGRY!

so I walked to my parents' house where I am no waiting for the car to finish.

oh yes, nothing like spending bookoo bucks!

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