Sunday, February 10, 2008

Holy Smokes!

I love living on a nature preserve~ it's serene, there's lots of wildlife, beautiful trees and lakes. However, tonight I realize it has one major drawback.

We were driving home from dinner when a fire truck drove around us. We watched it drive down the street toward our complex and we were confused because there's a fire station literally right next to us. The only reason for another truck to come is if it's something major. Then we became extra concerned as we realized that truck, as well as another, were pulling into our complex! There was smoke blowing around and it smelled pretty bad.

The trucks all drove to the left, we live to the right. However, the closer we got to our house, the darker the smoke seemed. We pulled in and decided to walk to the lake across the street. This is what we saw~

As we stood watching, the smoke got heavier. The fire is about 2-300 yards away from our house. The scary thing is that there's no direct path for the trucks to take back there. There are foot trails, but that's about it. We've seen some trucks with plows coming down our street, but haven't seen any action. Those woods are dense, and with the exception of the trees close to the lake, very dry! We'll be keeping our eyes out to see what happens. Randy's actually fishing now, so I'm hoping he'll be nosy while he's out there.

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