Saturday, January 19, 2008

What's With The Bugs?!?!?

So, first it was the fat, hairy spider that landed on my face on our first letterboxing trek.

Then it was the popping tick that I pulled off Roxy~ Eeew!

Today, I'm pulling out a left over bagged ball of Zephyr from my knitting bag and find something slimey land into my hand. I'm looking at it closely, thinking it kinda looks like a large, sliced kalamata olive and what the hell would it be doing in my knitting?!? It still skeeves me out since I really have no idea. I'm just about to drop it into Randy's palm while exclaiming "Ew, its slimey!" when Randy pulls away from me. I fling it into the kitchen sink where he informs me its a SLUG!! what the freak?!?! what in the world is a slug hanging around my knitting bag for?!?!? Oh my god, it was so gross! I'm really not afraid of bugs, but it's entirely different when you come in contact at the most unlikeliest of places!

Of course, Randy took the opportunity to share with Ant what happens when you dump salt on a slug. Oh, family times!

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Lotusknits said...

EEEWWW! it is one thing when you have warning and choose examine something, but to be caught off guard like that...Dude, that sucks.