Sunday, January 13, 2008

CFLLB Winter Gathering '08

We drove out to Moss Park in Orlando yesterday for the gathering. We had an absolute blast! It was so great hanging out with other people and families that also letterbox. We learned a lot of the ropes that are involved with these gatherings and will be better prepared next time.

I got several personal travelers,but didn't realize I should have printed out the clues and brought them with me. People that carry PT's don't exactly tell you what you're supposed to do~ you just need to figure it out. Sometimes it's as easy as asking a question. Other times you have to perform a feat or answer a riddle. I had answers to many clues that I had previously researched, but could have done much better. oh well, now we know for next time.

There were also Hide n' Seek boxes which were hidden right under our noses. Like literally hidden amongst the food! Some were passed to me without my even knowing it! Absolutely crazy! You just never know where you'll find a box!

The people there were very friendly and outgoing. We felt like a welcomed part of the group. Even Anthony had a great time since there were tons of kids there. There were a few other newbies there as well as people who have been letterboxing for many, many years! We'll definitely be going to the gathering in April as well.

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Kelly said...

Yes we did get Dottie from All About Puppies on Dale Mabry. We got her the week before Christmas....