Wednesday, June 20, 2007

shopping, yay!

i get ads and coupons from Joann's all the time. the problem is that i don't really get my yarn there anymore (unless of course it's for a baby project of sorts). i was in need of #8 circs which i was planning on getting at my LYS, but since we were a block away from Joanns i went there instead. they're having some sort of firefly sale and their needles are all marked down 40%. i found an interchangeable circ set that was originally $69, but on sale. now, i know it's not the Knit Picks Options set, but it does have needles from #2-#15 and several different lengths of cables. and how can you beat the price when it's on sale so much?!? i tried using my 50% off coupon, but couldn't. A) it was already on sale and B) they couldn't ignore the 40% to give me the 50% off. no biggie. i bought a set of #8dpns and some hooks for our keys and still walked out only spending $44!! and even that wasn't my own money, because i still had a money on a gift card from my birthday. WHOOO HOOO!!!!

so that said, i finally cast on for Grow With Me on knitty for Tara's baby. two projects being worked now. i really need to get a move on!

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Laura B said...


I hope I don't seem too weird for leaving you a comment, but I've been googling my pattern to see if anyone is working it. There's a section of the Pattern Notes missing from Knitty right now. This is it:

Bodice Pattern (Worked over a multiple of 3 sts + 1):
Set-up Row [RS]: K1 using CC, [k2 using MC, k1 using CC] to end.
Row 1 [WS]: P1 using CC, [k2 using MC, p1 using CC] to end.
Row 2 [RS]: K1 using CC, [p2 using MC, k1 using CC] to end.
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 for Bodice Pattern.

I contacted my editor and she sent the info along to Amy, but it looks like it hasn't been added yet. Anyway, I just didn't want you to be too confused!

Take care,