Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Buff to Fluff (back to buff??)

i've been wondering lately, "what the heck happened?" when randy and i started dating, what seems like eons ago, i really took an initiative to start working out seriously. i dropped forty pounds and went from a size 15 down to a 0-2. i managed to stay in that range for a year or so. working out was a central part of my life. i even got my certification in personal training and did that on the side, in addition to teaching.

perhaps, when i quite training, is when my decline began. they gym i worked at, and had a membership to, screwed us over. i got slapped with several months charges after i stopped working for them and they also raised rates without informing us ahead of time. with all of that i said, screw it! i left and went to a smaller gym that was closer to work.

smaller, much smaller! and not as neat, rather dusty and dingy. randy stopped going to the gym altogether and my friend who signed up with me stopped going as well. so i was left all alone at the not so wonderful gym. wedding time last year, i was about a 4-6. no biggie what so ever.

that will be a year ago on July 15th. so, here we are, again a year later, and i am now wearing a sz 9! i have gone up at least 15 pounds! screw the freshman 15, i've got the newlywed 15. and toward the end of the school year with all of the moving and packing and what not, i never made it to they gym. haven't been to the gym in a couple months in fact. and now that its summer time, i don't want to drive to the other side of town to work out at a gym i'm not happy with.

enter, LA Fitness. just opened up the first of the month, maybe 2 miles from the house (probably not even that far). i went there yesterday to check it out~ FA-BU-LOUS! it's the same price as i'm paying now (my old gym started cheap, like $20, how the hell am i paying so much?!) but i get a whole hell of a lot more! they have tons of equipment, machines, cardio, a great free weight area, basketball, racketball, pool, sauna. i walked in and immediately felt inspired. this could be what i need to energize my life. get back into the shape i once was and will hopefully be again.

we have a ton of co-workers (many of which don't need to be there) going to a certain doctor for weight loss. he has them on a couple different amphetamines (i know at least one of them was in phen-phen, you know, that stuff that was banned!), they get their B12 shots, and eat, ready for this?, 500 calories a day. sure they drop weight like you wouldn't believe. but they also look terrribly gaunt, have awful tempers, and no meat on their bodies what so ever! it's gross, and it makes me angry. and meanwhile, it's all the rage at work~ "Oh look how great, so and so looks!" they get praise and glory. What really pisses me off is that I lost all my weight a few years ago, they RIGHT way! and my body was kick ass and toned. yet, i didn't get half the attention these girls are getting. not that i want the attention, that's not my point. the point is i actually got off my ass, worked out, and ate correctly. i didn't need to subject my body to harmful drugs and starve myself.

arggggggggggggg...... i really didn't mean for this to turn into a rant. but i guess it did.

on that note, i think i'll go make breakfast.

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