Monday, June 4, 2007

Infertility Woes

i haven't posted anything about this, but i feel the need to vent a bit.

DH and i have been trying for a baby for about seven months now. the problem is that my body doesn't seem to want to cooperate. since going off the pill, i haven't been able to have a normal period. maybe some spotting and at very lengthy cycles.

my obgyn, who i love, who saw me thru' my cervical cancer days, has been treating me with provera and clomid. the first month was all screwy because after the provera, i never got an actual period, just some spotting. didn't know if we should have called that a "period" or not. dr. said not to take the clomid because the lining of my uterus is most likely too thin and so needs to be fluffed. good medical term, "fluffed".

and so i was prescribed another medicine, Premarine (named so because its from Pregnant Mare Urine... yup, you got it folks, horse pee!) and immediately after that i was to take more provera to bring on that celebrated period. again, i only got spotting, but we counted it as day 1. a few days goes by and on day 5-9 i take the clomid. all pills are done for a few weeks.

we have a flow chart on our fridge that we are supposed to follow. our sex life all scripted out for us (romantic, right?). so we follow that flowchart almost to a T. the last day got mucked up because i was sick and nauseous but we made up for it the day after that.

and so the waiting began.... i was to expect menses any day from CD #28-30. those days came and went w/ no sign of a period. of course i peed on several sticks in the meantime to see if i was prego. i felt like it~ exhausted, dizzy, nauseous, slightly crampy. but, to my avail, all sticks of pee were negative. on the flow chart it said to try again on CD 35, which i did~ still negative.

ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! where the fuck is my period?!?!?!

so, i called up my doc yesterday and left a message (because that's what the flow chart says to do). the nurse called me back and said they're going to try one more cycle of provera and clomid. this time instead of 50mg we're upping it 100mg. research shows that those on clomid should ovulate during their second treatment (if not on the first). if i don't ovulate this time around, my dr. is referring me to a reproductive specialist.

i'm not sure how i feel about that. my immediate thought is $$$. however, i'm also thinking specialist=knowledge. perhaps enough to figure out what my problem is right away (wishful thinking, i know).

in the meantime, i'm going to see an acupuncturist today for a consultation. at bunco last month, a friend of mine suggested that i try acupuncture for infertility. she then sent me a ton of information thru' school mail. in there was a certificate for a free consultation. i've been reading up on it, and at the very least it should help me relax. apparently w/ infertility it could be because of a Liver Qi stagnation. this apparently happens to people who've been on the pill for awhile. it causes the blood to not flow as freely and symptoms include irregular periods w/ light flow or clotting, worry, stress, sighing and headaches. acupuncture, done at the right time of a woman's cycle, is supposed to free up this meridian and allow the blood to flow more smoothly.

worth a shot :o)


Kelly said... are not alon.e I don't post about it, but hubby and I are trying to conceive as well. I was never on the pill (just real careful about things), but never had what one might call regular periods....since we started ttc, things have gone haywire. I am scheduled for an ultrasound at the end of the month to see what's going on down there. You are in my thoughts....

belle7171 said...

Hi hon, I'll be thinking about you too. Hang in there.