Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Slack Ass Blogger!

i know! i suck! i haven't posted in eons!!

anyway, i have dyed all my Bare yarn from KnitPicks. I have some pictures, but need to reskein it all and take photos of the rest. eventually pics will be up on the blog.

last week was my birthday. my big bday gift was my wheel that i bought last month. the kids at school were super sweet and brought me various cutesy gifts. tara bought me gorgeous jewelry and a gift card toward a future purchase on an updated ipod. this was wednesday.

thursday, however, sucked! when i got home from work, i accidentally dropped my cell in the toilet~ it fell out of my back pocket. no matter how quick i jumped to fish it out and dry it, the damn thing still wasn't going to work. so we were going to get a new one that night (that's what happens when you only use cell phones and don't have a land line!). we were taking a shower before we left and i used the very last of our body wash absentmindedly on my head in lieu of shampoo! and for some reason, randy saw what i was doing and didn't stop me until i had lathered it all up! okay, so we get to tmobile, i picked out a super cute new phone (white and purple~ squee!), no problems there. then, we went to wendy's where we were served by a bunch of hoochies. i was hungrily eating my 4 Alarm chicken sandwich when DH stopped me and opened my sandich. there in the middle was the paper that separates the cheese slices!! i had eaten nasty paper! if you have any idea how much wet paper and bandaids skeeve me out you'd know how bad this was for me. i took my sandwich, along with the chewed and spit out wad, up to the counter. they replaced it and were very willing to leave it at that. i asked for some sort of compensation and the girl just stared at me. uh, yeah, compensation, like give me something in return for this trauma i've suffered! she asked if i wanted more food to eat! no, damnit, my husband and i both have combo meals, i don't need anymore food, what i need is my money!!!!!

ugh, i swear!

oh, and last night, i made the mistake of drinking gin&tonic while working on the oh, so, infamous Pomatomus sock! i'd gotten to the foot of the sock, which is worked on a different chart. well, i was doing great, but stopped paying attention to the chart, just following in a logical sequential pattern. what i realized, oh, 6 rows later was that the pattern changed and i missed it. i was on such a role! now i screwed it all up. i am NOT pulling back those 6 rows, i just picked up on the row i was supposed to be on and said screw it. maybe no one will notice. i'm just so ready to be done with these socks!

i'm waiting on several orders to come in the mail. i ordered a few vials of oils from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, some books from Amazon, circs from KP to work on the Seize Diamondbacks KAL. I'm also waiting for my Magic Yarn Ball, which I believe my partner is sending this week. I'm also testing out some smaller stitch markers for a fellow L&V MB'er. And, lets see, soon my yarn for the Dyeing to Dye Socks should be mailed out. i have to reskein mine before i send mine out, but at least its done.

anywhoooo, that's enough catching up. i hear coconut cake icecream calling for me!!

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