Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy April Fool's Day

not that there have been any jokes today.

i finally finished my first pomatomus sock (that's been a joke! i guess that could count). i have photos, but they're on my camera and i have a headache, so it will have to wait utnil maybe tomorrow.

i got my spinning wheel, and i have NO CLUE what i'm doing!! i tried it yesterday and ended up with an ugly mess. i'll get there though. my spindle spinning started off that way too.

we went fishing with my FIL and nephew yesterday. i pretty much sat on my ass. since randy was catching fish so sparadically, i knew i wouldn't do too well. so when i finally decided to actually fish, i pulled out the biggest mackeral of the day~ 19.5" and then another right after it!!! it was worth being lazy.

today we went to honeymoon island to fish some more. it was windy and wavy, so i was a bit leary, but it turned out great. between the two of us, we probably caught 80 someodd fish!!! it was bite after bite, cast after cast.

but, now i have a headache and shouldn't be on the computer, so i'm going to watch amazing race.

btw~ 17 days until my birthday! one last year to celebrate my 20's

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