Friday, April 6, 2007

Goodies, Goodies, everywhere

So many things! I love it! Yesterday I came home and got my dyed fiber from Miss Violet!! Holiday ~ after the Madonna song. Love it!

Today Anthony and I stopped by Hancock Fabric store to check out their "going out of business sale". I found a cute vintage sewing tin for my mom and some trim to use in my bathroom. But best of all, I found Knitting for Baby~ 40% off!!!! What a steal!

When we got home there was yet another package! WHOOOOhoooo! More fiber~ Delphinium from Spunky Eclectic. It's beautiful!

I tried out my hand at dyeing. It was my first attempt for the Newbie Sock Dyeing Swap on Swapbot. The colors turned out way brighter than I expected them to. I was aiming for something beachy and fun. Instead I ended up with something resembling a Grateful Dead Tshirt. Still, I didn't burn or felt it. And I managed to keep the kitchen clean. So it wasn't that bad!

I also got some cute photos of my favorite man :o)

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