Monday, April 2, 2007

I Got you Babe

Babe's Fiber Garden Wheel that is!!! I finally got it Friday night.

However, I was at my brother's house until late and too tired to pull it out of the box that night. Then Saturday we went fishing before the sun even came up. So, I didn't get to actually play with it until Saturday afternoon. And I SUCKED!!! That's alright, it takes time and practice.

unday we went fishing again and then i had a migraine, so no spinning yesterday either. Tonight I decided to face my fears again :o) I threw on a new bobbin and made a new attempt with much better results. I finally figured out that I had to help feed the yarn into the orfice~ it's not just going to suck the yarn out of my hands! Slowly but surely, I'll get the hang of this. I must say, I do like it better than the drop spindle.

I'm waiting on 2 rovings that I ordered: BFL from Spunky Eclectic and I just ordered a batt from Miss Violet on her Etsy shop (SQUEEEE!!!!!)

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