Tuesday, May 29, 2007


they're done! my infamous pomato-freakin'-mus socks are done!! i've never had to frog so much in my life. i tend to be a very sequential person and i guess that threw me all off here. i'd get that lace pattern in my head and keep going logically, not paying attention to small little changes here and there. at one point i had lost 6 stitches! how the hell do you lose 6 stitches?!?!?!? so inevitably both socks are slightly different because i made completely different mistakes in both. good thing no one gets that close to my feet! they'll all see from a distance and comment on how cool they are an none will be the wise :o) knit w/ Lorna's Laces in Jungle Stripes

i picked up yarn today to start Tara's baby blanket. i'll probably cast on right after i'm done posting here. i went to my LYS to find yarn for a baby sweater too, only to find they're in the midst of moving. half the store was gone and the other half was a disaster area! the owner is all excited she keeps telling me how great the new place is and to visit her on Thursday because they'll be ready. i can't wait to see it!!!


LaDawn said...

What I want to know is how do you recover after losing 6 stitches? I always have to start all over! hence, I never ever finish any knitting projects!

Adrienne said...

Beautiful job!

firedupfairy said...

ladawn~ i gasped and held my breath as i carefully ripped back over an inch. eeek! its terrifying!