Thursday, May 3, 2007

I've been a busy bee......

getting things up on my etsy shop, spinning, beading, dyeing, working on 2 different pairs of socks, and of course squares for the L&V Scarf Circle! it's amazing i'm keeping my head up!

we're counting down the days until school is out. not much longer thank god! today the kiddies were wild, you could definitely tell its a full moon!

i've had lots of goodies show up in the mail: two books from amazon: Color in Spinning and Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook
new circs from knitpicks, and finally, today...... Black Pheonix Alchemy Labs perfume oils!!! woo hoo!

there's still more fun coming: my magic yarn ball on its way from Welsh Minnie in the UK, roving from Pigeon Roof Studios, two skeins of yarn from Miss Lime, and hopefully ***crosses fingers*** dyed yarn from a swap partner I never once heard from. the dyeing to dye socks swap ended on 4/30, but i hadn't gotten a single email from my partner. i emailed the swap administrator today to check it out. i hope i didn't get a swap dud! that would SUCK!

anyway. i think i'm developing carpal tunel sydrom from typing today. i'm off to watch the office!

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