Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I'm still combating this damn sickness of mine. My poor head has been so clogged. It truly is a wonder how my body can produce so much mucus! But, anyway.....

We've had a rather laid back weekend. We were planning on attending another Pits Pound the Pavement walk on Saturday. This one was to be held near Macdill Air Force Base in recognition of the troops. Unfortunately though, with my cold still persisting, I didn't want to go out there and walk w/ a cough and runny nose. Also, the Gasparilla Children's Parade was taking place nearby at the same time and we feared traffic would be a bear. Instead, Randy came w/ me to his sister's salon while I got my nails done and then we went driving around to different shops. Had a rather filling lunch at Vallarta's, played w/ the puppy's at the puppy store and checked out Pier 1's latest sale. By the time we got home, I apparently needed a nap. I sat on the couch in an attempt to read my book, Dead to the World, one of the Southern Vampire series, but only managed to fall asleep. Later that night, we hit Borders for chai tea lattes and the chinese ssotre for take out. Then we sat around some more watching The DaVinci Code. An overall relaxing day.

Today, I'm home alone. Got the house all to myself. Randy was meeting up w/ Ant and Ant's grandfather to head out to the NFL Experience. That was pretty much going to be an all day affair. I'm going to enjoy the quiet while it's here. I started by watching The Grudge 2 on cable. I watched the whole thing, but I really can't tell you what it's about. I didn't get it at all. Perhaps that's because I never saw the first one. Oh well. Once that was finished, I took Janie and Roxy for a nice long walk. One would think that when you're almost home after a 3.5mi walk that your dogs would be nice and pooped, right?? Well, apparently NOT! We were so close to the turn for our street when I noticed one of our neighbors w/ her French bulldog. Janie and Roxy both went nuts pulling, Janie especially! I've never been yanked so hard! It was quite embarassing. Luckily the neighbor was really nice and didn't mind. Randy and the girls have met her before, so she had an idea who I was. Still, damn dogs, I couldn't believe it. I'm so glad I didn't decide to put on my rollerblades.

So now, I've gone to the grocery store, started laundry, and have dishes in the dishwasher. Only thing left to do~ sit on my ass and knit!

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