Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goodbye 08, hello 09

Holy Cow! What's wrong with my blogging?!? Have I been a slacker or what? Perhaps my new year's resolution should be to blog more. No promises.

2008 has come to a close and I must say that the year proved to be successful:
  • After ten years of teaching at the same school, I finally got a new job. My BFF and I left together and are continuing to do our thing at the new school We absolutely love it! While it was hard to leave our other friends behind, our new friends have been fabulous and we already feel like we've been there forever.
  • This summer, Randy and I bought our first house. The whole process was an exhausting roller coaster and it's been quite a bit of work, but we are HOME!
  • Our family grew! No, I'm still not pregnant. But, we did rescue/adopt our pitbull Janie. She's brought great love and joy to the rest of us. Roxy took a bit to adjust, but loves her big sister all the same. Roxy is the adorable lil' sister trying to keep up w/ Janie while running through the yard. Too Cute!
  • In July, I was able to visit our nation's capitol as part of a social studies training program through the school system. It was a short, and jam packed visit, but I loved D.C.
So, what are we aiming for in 2009???
  • I'm hoping to get my etsy shop back up and running. I still have skeins of yarn here that need to be listed. I'd also like to start dying roving top for you spinners out there.
  • Speaking of spinning.... I'd like to dust off my wheel and get back to my neglected fibers.
  • We'll continue to try conceiving. Hopefully those efforts will soon pay off. I'm thinking the time is right since we now have a house and I have the new job.
  • Home, Home, Home. There are still many things we need to get done around our house and yard. That list is too long, so I won't go there.
  • Be positive and appreciative. 'nuff said

So, that's a start. I think it's a good start. If I do blog more frequently, as intended, we'll be able to see how much progress I'm making on the list. For now, at least it's in black and white.

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