Sunday, August 10, 2008

house is getting there

I'm super tired, so this won't be much but a list of things again.
Added to our finished list:

* all of the painting is done! and that includes EVERYTHING!
* carpets installed in Ant's room & craft studio
* fish fabric for curtains in Ant's room
* blinds for the 5 windows in the "party room"
* back door in "party room" is replaced
* dining floor mopped (still trying to get a layer of what we think is sealer off of it)
* new fridge
* new washer/dryer
* new lawn mower

It seems like a short list, and I'm really racking my brain here. But, believe me, it's been soooo much work!! We started moving things over yesterday. Slowly, we'll get there. We have just under two weeks to get it all done before we get kicked out of our townhouse.

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