Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was planning a photo update of knitting (or lack there of), but realized that my camera is sitting in the new house waiting for charged batteries. So, no knitting today.

We've been working our asses of in the new house. Things we've done:
* Ripped up all flooring except the tiled kitchen/dining/addition
* Primed the addition and hall bath
* Painted the addition/dining ~ Coconut Creme yellow
* Painted Ant's room~ Waterfountain (pale blue) top/ Ultra Marine (bright blue) bottom
* Painted living space/halls ~ Caribbean Walk
* Attacked wallpaper we didn't know existed in the kitchen (still need to finish)
* Spent 3 days attacking the wallpaper border covered in layers of paint in my craft studio
* Replaced locks/knobs
* Cleaned toilets
* Purchased laminate floors (need to be picked up)
* Ordered eco-friendly carpet (made from corn) for the other two bedrooms

Our carpets were supposed to be paid for by the bank due to the flooding we found at our final walk through. Well, the stupid listing agent who was in charge of that did NOT have her act together. The money had to be paid to Home Depot, not us. She claimed the bank needed to see photos of the carpet work done before they would pay. Home depot can't even order the carpet until they are paid! Catch 22, people! We went back and forth with her. She was talking in circles. She'd act all sweet and kind and then turn all bitchy in a flash. I got our realtor involved and she really put the pressure on the other agent. Then the crazy woman would call Randy and give him a completely different story than she told me or our realtor. Ooooooh. She was too much. Even sent me a super long email about how there are no bad guys, we need to act professional, blah blah blah, she's on our side (even tho' she told randy 5 other people were interested in our house), all woe is my, i'm working so hard, blah blah blah. WHAT-EV-ER!

Yesterday she called and we finally got our check, paid to Home Depot. And, rather than being for the original $885, the check was for the ENTIRE amount of our carpet bill. Woo Hoo! That does not change my attitude toward her. When I met her at HD, she was all bubbly and sweet, giving me hugs. She acted like everything was a big joke and even played down the coversation she had w/ our realtor like they were best pals. I forced the kindness and rejoiced when I got my receipt and she was long gone! Happy to not have to deal with her EVER again!

So, there's the update. I go back to work next Friday. I'd like to be excited about that, but we're so busy at the house that the thought is only causing me more stress.


GaietyGirl said...

Glad it worked out for you.
You totally have to post photos of your corn carpet though - I'm mad with curiosity about it!

DABramwell said...

I'm glad things worked out....I wonder if there is a review site for realtors, if there is I would roast her alive.

Also, corn carpet? do tell.