Sunday, February 1, 2009


We headed out to the Flatwoods bike trails yesterday for some caching fun. We only managed about 7 caches before we had to head back. There were still a good 6 or so left, but Randy's sick and he was out of water and suffering dearly.

While hitting up one of the caches, we heard a rustling in the distance. Turned out to be a lil' armadillo. But this bugger was not shy at all! Usually they scurry away when people are near. Not this guy. He walked right over Ant's shoes and was so uninterested in us that we were able to actually touch him! We were suprised that his armor is not exactly as hard as you'd think. His face was rather rat like and he had massive claws. It was pretty neat to be so close.

Unfortunately, our fun w/ the armadillo would soon turn to worry. We were distracted by him and then a nearby, dried up, pond. When we tried to find our way back to the trail, we couldn't. We walked back and forth, round and round. At one point we ended up near a fence behind a neighborhood. This was entirely wrong as we'd seen no neighborhood on our way in. Randy was getting frustrated and I was trying to stay calm. Afterall, we had Ant with us and we couldn't very well let him think we were lost in the woods. After about twenty minutes, or maybe longer, we finally got back on track. It was a bit scary for awhile there. But, I knew we'd manage to find our way out.

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haileysmomscat said...

Is caching like letterboxing? I had wanted to try that out but never followed through. but is does look like a fun outdoor activity I could do with my daughter